Amazing week for HVOTE

HVOTE 15_10_19.png

The last week saw an amazing development in the value of the HVOTE Token. It passed from 0.5884 to 0.5949 Steem within one week. This corresponds to an increase of more than 1% in 7 days. This can be considered as quite amazing but it can also be explained quite easily.

Big author rewards

Two posts came to maturity this week and they were the posts with the highest author rewards so far with 0.492 Steem and 0.119 Steem. The concept of writing posts that go above a simple status update of the HVOTE token seem to be a good solution.

Bought back tokens

This week, 4 tokens were bought back through the "buy back" fund. Each time this happens, it actually means that the value of the existing tokens increase.

These two effects combined explain the incredible increase in value of the HVOTE token.

No more income from smartsteem

On the other side we noticed that there was almost no income from vote sales through smartsteem this week. This goes with the #newsteem movement and will be compensated by more manual upvotes in the future.

Big Token holders

To be a Big Token holder, you need to own 2% of the HVOTE Token in circulation. As a big token holder you get all your posts systematically upvoted 100% by @happyvoter as long as you own 2% of the tokens. New Big Token holders are defined each week in the context of the weekly update:

Number of Tokens in circulation: 1067
Number of Tokens needed this week to be a Big Token holder: 22
Maximum number of Tokens needed to be Big Token holder next week: 23

The following accounts are upvoted this week:

@achim03 1000 Tokens
@jadams2k18 40 Tokens
@help.venezuela 27 Tokens


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