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RE: It's another BURN Party CONTEST!

in #steem-engine2 years ago

Hello team good to see that you guys are back i thought the project got dead so i removed my delegation but no worries ill redelegate soon. Keeping all this aside good to see such contest by your side and yes i have promoted @jlufer post as i really liked his work as well as shared it on Twitter.

Thanks team if in case i win some steem ill definitely use it to buy natural tokens from SE and will burn them.

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We are always around... its a heavy trade show time in the np industry. Lots happening. We may get some posts up on the trade show activity.

Will be happy to see post from you guys to keep us updated thanks team.

Wish you lots of success and Happy Halloween.

@ sumit71428 hello dear friend, thank you very much for appreciating and promoting my post, you are very kind.
I wish you a week full of success, happiness and prosperity

Wish the same for you brother.

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