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RE: @Likwid, the reward liquifier - 1000$ milestone + now support for comments.

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Amazing service I've asked for many times. Maybe you can also allow people to give you their owner key and liquidate their entire SP for a loan paying back with powerdown like neoxian does lol

How much do you charge to liquidate the rewards?

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I guess you'd have to change recovery account to @null and wait 30 days for that to work.
Also we'd charge a different amount depending on size of account.
We already considered this option but it's have no plan to provide this service.

Is there any convenient tool to change recovery account or do we need to use cli?

Changing recovery acc is possible on Steemworld (General Data -> Change Recovery Account).

be careful when doing that, should leave it alone because you dont want nuill to be yoru recovery account incase you get hacked.

Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate it.

I'm not considering @null as recovery account at all. Just looking if I can set accounts for recovery with more user friendly way.

You can also create a new account and set it as the recovery account so you do not have to rely on anyone else than yourself.

I believe it is possible to do with SteemConnect, cli_wallet, and beem