Saying Happy Birthday to my "not so" baby Boy!

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Like Father, Like Son.

While celebrating my son's Birthday over this weekend, I couldn't help but feel enormous amounts of gratitude for what God truly has graced upon me.
From his birth, I always knew that my son would become the most important person in my life and being my duty to nurture him to become the man that he desires to be.
To date he's grown to be the most well mannered, kind hearted and respectful child any parent could possibly ask for.

I'm so proud of him :)

My main purpose for posting this onto Steem is to record this message and have it on the block chain through all its eternity.

So son, when you read this Steem post years to come, below is a poem that sums up quite nicely how I feel.
I'm not exactly sure who wrote this poem but, here it is none the less...

There is nothing in this world
That I badly want
For I already have something
That I can proudly flaunt
A son like you along with
The gift of being a father
Nothing else in this world
Can make my life better

As a side story...

I thought the Steem community could appreciate and get a kick out of what my son wanted and asked for his Birthday.

Now with most kids, especially boys, you would normally think that they would really really want and ask for a Play Station, an X-Box, a Tablet, some Lego's and you know... any other "normal" present one would consider buying for their children.

But no!

Not my son! lol

I kid you not... he vehemently insisted that what he wanted above anything else, was a Fedora hat and a certain T-Shirt.

So... that's what he got!

What's even more funny and icing on the cake is he's insisting on wearing this same T-shirt on his first day back to school!
The irony of the situation is that he's majoring in Piano... at a liberal school... a very very Liberal school! LOL

So as you could possibly imagine, I'm betting to get an early morning call from school that day to come pick him up?!!!

Anyone in Steem want to place a wager to what the outcome will be?
If so, follow me and I'll be happy to report the news with a follow up post.

That being said, no saying could possibly be more truth than this...

Like Father, Like Son!

Love you Aiden, Happy Birthday buddy!


Aiden growing up to be such a fine young man with good manners, a kind heart and a respectful demeanor is a reflection of a father who invested lots of time in his son and family as well as prayer upwards.

You are an encouragement and a role model for us who are not parents yet but will likely be in the not-too-distant future. Thank you! :)

Thank you @foodie.warrior I appreciate the kind words!
And yes, it takes a lot of investment to raise children properly in today's environment. So to all reading this, don't rush into it. Make sure you're 110% prepared to the responsibility!

Thanks for the tip, @ajvest! I'm already taking that advice, to the dismay of my parents-in-law :O :)

@ajvest, Great post to your son. I am sure he will treasure it for years. The first Steemit B-day card. Happy Birthday @Aiden.

Thanks @pjheinz
Is this the first Steem B-day card?! If so, Sweet!!!
I appreciate your comment :)

Congrats to you as well!

Thank you @kajalpats
I appreciate that!

Hi! Is it possible to know your age? I'm doing statistics for Top 100 most popular introductions (like this top 50) and you are in it :)

@lukmarcus my age? Or my sons?
I'm 35+
He's <18
I need to keep some ambiguity on the interwebs :)

Your :) I'll write you have 35 :)

This is a lovely gesture. All the best to you both.

Thanks @thecryptofiend
I appreciate the compliment!

Wow!! That's pretty awesome. My son would definitely like some Lego or a new Hot Wheels car :)
How did the first do go at school? No "issues" with that shirt? Haha ;)