Dear Whales.... put me to work.

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Dear Whales,

I've got the time, the drive and the motivation to add value to Planet Steem.

I currently work in IT on ERP systems, I'm handy with Photoshop and have a good understanding of Java, PHP and HTML5. My social reach isn't huge, but I have a ton of friends that have put huge efforts into their Instagram accounts and could count in the millions their followers combined.

I want this Planet Steem to succeed, and am happy to put 15-20 hours a week into Steem to help build the landscape, infrastructure and community. After July 2018 I might be in a position to put in 60-80 hours a week into the Steem blockchain and am motivated to make that possibility a reality.

Very happy to be paid in Steem, SP, SBD, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptokitties, or not at all to build up my learnings and experience in this environment.

I'm available on, Discord or other to discuss specific tasks to be completed. I'm also more than happy with a 'learn XYZ and get back to me' type response.

I'm sure there are a million trillion tasks that need to be completed regarding this blockchain, but I'm still very new and am totally not sure on what they are or the priority levels.


I've worked for the last 18 years in the SAP ERP space, mainly on the Security and Segregation of Duties/GRC side, but have some experience in ABAP programming. While I'm not sure any of these skill-sets transfer directly to the Steem blockchain I am reasonably intelligent and motivated to learn.

I live in the US on the West Coast, but the consulting firm I work for is based in the Mid-West. I'm currently working from home with infrequent trips to the middle of the country, and our project should be completed by the end of July. After this time I'm not sure what my future holds. I'm concerned my consulting firm will find me another project in the Mid-West that won't allow me to work from home... a weekly commute to the mid-west would disrupt my training and true passion. I will mostly likely leave this consulting firm at that point, but there are working visa complications in that scenario.

My primary goal on Steem

My first goal is to build up the Ninja Warrior community and to get the #ninjawarrior tag on the front page of Steemit. The Ninja Warrior community is my tribe, and it is huge. There are currently 20 countries with their own franchise of the Ninja Warrior television show, and it's often the highest rating reality television show in that region. 100s of dedicated Ninja Warrior gyms have opened up around the globe and I believe it's a safer, more useful and more fun way for adults and children to train than most fitness regimes.

My secondary goal on Steem


By July 2018 I would love to be in a position to be generating enough of a monthly income from Steem or cryptocurrencies to pay my $USD living expenses and allows me to continue to work from home. Even if I could generate half my living expenses I could work for the rest at the local Ninja Warrior gym.

My work in the IT industry is very niche and is an all-or-nothing deal, part-time opportunities are extremely rare... and mostly I would have to travel to wherever the work is.

Whales where you at?


I'm not 100% how to get this post in front of you, but I'll mention Whales that I know of and how I might help you. If you do know someone that needs some help, please resteem or let them know somehow.

@stellabelle - There must be 1 trillion tasks that need attention on Planet Steem. Point me in a direction and I'll get onto it. I may need to learn a ton to be useful, but I'm happy to put in the time.

@aggroed - Happy to venture onto YouTube and other social media sites to spread the Steem word. I'll actually get started on this right away since I know what to do and how to do it.

@choogirl - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You've been incredible in the #TeamAustralia space, #TravelDigest and the #SteemItMap space and I'd be delighted to do anything that needs doing in this area... except travel to Aussie universities and stuff in person to spread the Steem word because reasons.... but anything else, hit me.

@Discordiant - I'll comment you in on any MSP rule-breakage I see, but please let me know how else I could be of assistance.

@ned - Um, hi. Whatever you need man.

@steemitdev - Super interested in this area... super vague on the actual areas I should start delving.

@steemdevs - If any devs need hand with your various applications, please let me know... very happy to help out and learn at this point.

@mikepm74 - I'm not sure if you're technically a whale or not, but you seem to be across all the things and you're heaps smart and extremely helpful. So, please let me know how I can help best... super into helping new users establish themselves on Steem.

@taskmaster4450 - Your posts are easily some of my favourites and I've learnt heaps from your words. I'm not sure exactly what help you might need, but say the word and I'm there.

@mattclarke - I love what you've been doing in Radelaide... you are super super inspirational to us newbies so let me know if I can lend a hand in anyway.

@Patrice & @logic - I'd be more than happy to help clean up the Steem blockchain against spammers and the like... I'm just not 100% what the best course of action is for someone at my level. Please let me know... a clean environment makes everyone happier.

@netuoso - Most of what you do is a touch beyond me at the moment, but if you are willing to point me in the direction of things I should learn to help me out then I'm super willing.

@fulltimegeek - You seem super smart... I assume I'll need to learn all about the APIs to be useful here. I'll get started on that over the holiday season.

If anyone else knows a whale that might require some help... let me know in the comments and I'll update this post. Very excited about the future of ol mate Steem!

To be clear


I'm not chasing whale-upvotes for this post... I don't care about short-term gains... I'm asking for guidance on how I might add the most value in the next year... if that's putting my head down and learning hardcore programming, that's fine (and exciting), if that's browsing the steem blockchain and reporting people, or engaging in dialogue with influencers on other platforms, that's what I'll do.

Blogger was my spiritual home for years and I made incredible friendships... but eventually my crew moved to other platforms or lost interest and I've been lost. I never took up with Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram because I am clearly verbose and I love creating relationships and learning about people. Steem is everything I've been looking for since Blogger died.

Put me to work Whales... I'm here for Steem.

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Excellent post, I upvoted and featured you in an article.. also if you get a job, throw some side work my way..

Put in a good word for the little guy...


Goddamn that was hilarious. Your time in Australia dodging giant termites and freshies and nearly getting killed on a minutely basis was so goddamn worth it for that post.

If I manage to work full-time or part-time on Planet Steem, I'll definitely buy you some laces.

I'm always looking out.. no worries...

I am about as far from a whale as they come bud! But thanks for the mention among these steem influencers!

What I can tell you, Stella is looking for someone to act as her "assistant" in a part time capacity. I'm not sure if she has any candidates at the moment, but you can always throw your name out for it. She basically needs someone who is organized and has the time to do some things she just doesn't have the time for.

Your best bet to reach her might be to send her a dm in or find her on twitter. Can't hurt to have a chat!

Hahaha, you'll always be a whale to me. A whale of a good time, hey hey!

I probably should have said Steem-Influencers, but you really need a snappy title to get the eyeballs, y'know....

Thank you so much for this suggestion, I'm definitely psyched to have included you... I've sent Stella a message on She doesn't even have to select me as an assistant, I'm sure she has a trillion tasks that I'd be happy to help with.

Thanks for your reply, it means a lot! Keep helping those newbies, you're doing an amazing job.

sounds like fun. hit me up if you have youtube recruitment success

Thanks, I will.
I've got a couple of people in mind, but I'll basically just start searching for Influencers that fit your criteria.

aww thats the spirit!! You are too awesome and your enthusiasm for Steemit already had been shining through each post!

Ahhhh.... you're awesome. I'm just learning from watching you smash this platform with skillz and enthusiasm and cute animals. Thank you though! Thanks for being so supportive!

A dancing, programming, photo-taking, body-building Australian Ninja Warrior. Is there anything you don't do? Color me impressed!

Welllll....... since you asked.... I'm a great cook if you want a huge mound of healthy food, but a terrible cook if you care about flavours and tastes and having things cooked all the way through. I'm either superfun at a party or super unfun at a party... there's no middle ground..... AND, I'm 6 months behind on my Aussie taxes because they are so annoying and literally anything distracts me away... but they keep fining me so I really need to get it done... but I just don't want to.

But thank you! I do try to be windswept and interesting at all times.

Of course man! If I'm gonna play, I'm gonna play hard.

Fairly sure I don't actually qualify as a whale, but if there is anything else you can do to help my work with the MSP Anti-Abuse Team or in general with the struggle against shitposting and spam.

Thanks Disco! Everyone is a whale to me... and honestly, the work you guys do on the clean up is commendable... I'd love to help.

Is there a way to see who minnowsupport is upvoting? I'd be more than happy to check the upvotes to see if anyone is breaking the rules. A clean platform is a happy platform... and trying to make money off other people's work is super not cool.

We already have bots who do things like feed us any post that has gotten an upvote from @minnowsupport as well as a steemcleaners or cheetah hit. We get a daily report on each of those. That covers some of it. The rest is just us trolling the #upvote channel trying to spot any lower quality/spam/copy-pasta that comes through.

Ahhhhh, yeah cool. Those bots takin' all our jobs.

Very happy to keep an eye on the #upvote channel... if I see something I should just comment you in the upvote channel on Discord, or elsewhere?

You can toss me a DM with the link to the post.

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