Investing in stocks vs. investing in Steem

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Put an “e” in front and it becomes “Esteem”! 

Change “e” to “a” and it becomes “Steam”! 

However you say it, Steem can literally steam your effort to gain esteem and a better living by earning online.

 “Steem” by Pivotal45 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

My experience with Steemit so far   

When I first joined Steemit after I had applied to become a member and been accepted, I have to admit that it took me some time to learn the ropes, before jumping into action; and I am still learning. 

From my experience as a Steemit member so far, I believe that it has the potential to attract the interest of investors who normally invest in stocks and shares.  

Steem investment vs. stock investment   

In the end of the day, serious investors who invest in the stock market have to monitor closely any news and developments with regard to the stocks and shares that they have invested in, so that they can take advantage of any information that might affect their investment position either positively or negatively, without, however, having any means to directly affect the price of a specific share, since such a thing is completely out of their control. Investors in stocks and shares earn capital and/or dividend gains. 

Not trying to compare apples with oranges, investing in Steem can prove to be a profitable move for those investors who decide to take their investment strategy a step further ahead from investing in traditional stocks and shares. 

As I see it, although an investment in Steem may have some characteristics that resemble a stock investment, it has the key feature that offers the holder of Steem power the opportunity to generate income by writing and curating content online. On the other hand, the holders of traditional stocks and shares do not have any other means and ways of earning through those stocks and shares, other than capital gains and dividends. 

This means that a person who decides to invest money, time, and effort in Steemit, contributing their knowledge, at the same time, is offered the opportunity to earn multiple times more than, let’s say, share dividends.   

Becoming a long-term Steem investor   

Contributing, creating, and curating information online is the new currency, and unlike platforms like Facebook and others, which do not offer their users any form of monetary compensation for their online activity, Steemit emerges as an excellent opportunity to take full advantage of your creative talents, and see this opportunity as an investment channel, where your creativity and online participation can bear fruit as a stable-income, long-term investment.  

After all, if you follow Warren Buffett’s example, who only invests in stocks, industries, and companies that he actually understands, once you have got a solid understanding of the value of Steem power, there is nothing that should keep you back from joining, participating online, and earning income through the Steemit platform, since you already do the same thing on Facebook without being paid, don’t you?