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When I first joined the platform I had no idea what was happening and was bit of a headless chicken. I suppose it is a bit like the first day of school and you are not sure if this is a good idea. You settle in fast but you are still clueless. I was fortunate as I stumbled across Steemit without having watched a Jerry Banfield video promising riches. I arrived on here with no expectations.

As the weeks passed with lots of reading I worked out the basics of how this place runs. It dawned on me that this was going to be time consuming and a hell of a lot of work. I hadn't signed up for that originally, but like anything in life you have to fully commit to give something a chance. I realized from the various posts that Steemit was in Beta form so was still fairly new. The talk was that once it hits mainstream it will be harder to mine Steem, due to the reward pool being shared with all the extra members. Those posts gave me a wake up call to work even harder and commit more time to the platform. This is kind of awkward in a family set up, luckily my kids are grown up. I most likely average six to eight hours every day and longer at weekends. I don't think I am crazy but this is a massive challenge to grow from scratch. I understand why there is a high failure rate with the Red Fish accounts as there are no shortcuts. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have this amount of time. I don't really but who needs sleep. I can sleep when I am dead.

I looked around at certain accounts who had between 10 000 and 20 000 SP after roughly two years on the platform. I don't know if they invested or not but that didn't matter to me. They all couldn't have, so my thinking was that there has to be a threshold or a sweet spot that your account grows a lot quicker. I am a numbers person and love figures so I break things down ,which then makes sense to me. I will look at my account over 4 months to give you an idea of what I am getting at.

I joined in March and today my account is 126 days old. The first task was to get rid of the 15 SP delegation from the platform. This was a huge struggle as posts varied from 0 c to 20 c and you never received Steem in payouts, only SBD and SP. The 15 SP took me around 45-50 days to achieve. What is remarkable is that over the next 70 days the account has grown 8x. I am trying to work out why this happens so quickly. I was fortunate enough to receive some delegation from some generous Steemians along the way. I have received advice and support along the way which is priceless. I don't self vote anymore due to @abh12345 curation league. So whatever benefit of having a higher value vote has really gone besides curation.

My thinking is that if you can take an account from 15 SP to 120 SP in 10 weeks then 120 SP to 250 SP should be doable in the next 12 weeks. In my mind if that works out then 500 SP is next over the same period. Basically your accounts growth is nearly doubling every 3 - 4 months. These figures to me are realistic as long as your commitment and time stays the same.

Curation is another important stat as I have received 2.3 SP from 126 days ,but over the last 30 have received 1.36 SP. Not only does it mean you are understanding the platform better, but you are interacting and commenting better than before.

From the above figures and breaking it down I have realized that there is no sweet spot or special number where you just grow, but it is continuous. Your account gets bigger and your voting power increases, but that benefits curation. Maybe I am wrong and have missed something, but this makes sense to me in a simplistic way. I wander if anyone has graphed their account growth against SP from the start to current . Everyone will be different ,due to time and effort but there has to be some similarities.

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I am just beginning my journey . Was fortunate enough to own some steem from polo to start so I just transferred it into account. I don’t have as much time as you to spend on here but really interested in building my sp and rep

You cheated by investing lol. Don't blame you but as long as you know it is hard but worth it. I have started from scratch and only now after 4 months of solid graft is it starting to show me what is possible.


Thank you for booster. It is really appreciated.

I believe you are correct about NOT having a sweet spot in your last paragraph. It is the continuous daily input on the platform that grows organically.

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howdy there @cryptoandcoffee! I like it when "numbers guys" break stats down and it helps prove to me that I'm not crazy to do this stuff and is encouraging. I think you're doing remarkably well for a second job! I'd say growing faster than average but then I don't know what the average growth is. thank you sir!

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And then some. You hit the nail right on the head, but it is as with everything in life, if you put in diligently you are bound to start getting out.
I also started out from scratch and man it's been hard and I'm nowhere near where you and many others are at, but keep plowing forward with every moment I can spare. I've grown for sure and still don't understand all the terms and figures as I am not a numbers guy, but quitting is not in my nature so there is no stopping now. Very nice informative piece thanks man