It's All Ruined

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I'm so sad as I write this. I've put four years of work into this place, created content, competitions, tried to encourage user engagement, and now I feel it's all ruined.

One of my main points about Steemit was the amount of confusion that a new (non crypto) user felt upon discovering Steemit and its various clones. Because I know that when people are confused, they don't buy into what ever is confusing them.

Now we have Hive as well, which in itself is really confusing, it has just as many clones and to top it off is named after an already popular site, so when you google Hive, or Hive blog, something entirely different pops up.

Confusion, confusion, and more


I just feel like everything's ruined now, I'm so depressed, I had high hopes for Steemit, but ever since Dan was forced out, things started to go downhill, and now we're at the bottom.

I can't even be bothered to write (apart from this of course), I've had two articles sitting there waiting to be finished for weeks now. But I just can't be bothered.

They say it's all about the community, but I feel like the community has broken, through greed and manipulation.

Both sides in this lame war have not covered themselves with glory, quite the opposite in fact.

Maybe I'll feel differently after some time, but I don't know...

Anyway, this isn't a rage quit, it's just me expressing sadness for the way things have turned out. Maybe Justin and the former top witnesses are happy, those two groups have what they want, total control over the respective blockchains, leaving us to fight over the scraps.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but I can't see how the two sites can survive...

I guess just, watch this space.

See you around.



What's left of Steem is crumbling from its mismanagement and brain-drain. I don't understand your concerns about Hive though. It's the successor to Steem. There are different front ends for it just like Steem, (like Steemit condenser) and (by SteemPeak team), Esteem apps too.

Hive will take a little time to gain rank on Google but it will happen. It's still fairly new and that kind of thing takes time.

With my autism I probably look differently, but I do see a huge difference. Work and thinking is going on to make Hive work for everyone. A lot of work is to be done. Meanwhile people try with Steemit, but Justin punctures the wheels. Believe me, if it were half possible, the fork wouldn't even have taken place. I'm honestly surprised the witnesses were so bold as to give it a try, and I am glad because things are looking horrible at the Steemit-side :/.

I still try to create open conversation and mend things, but factually there is no possible good outcome. Hive for me is the good outcome, the rest is just sad to see :/.

Steemit always got some criticism, and now we clearly see that was correct. For the first time now I see a way forward.

Which popular site do you mean? I'd rather have a more unique name, but I don't know anything called Hive that's as popular as Steam, the video game platform. As @pfunk says, the Google ranking will improve in due time.

Sorry to hear you feel burned out. I have fresh energy, but it's easier for me, because I focused my efforts on Monero and refused to volunteer for a project dominated by one company.

Yes, I feel you mate, a lot of opinions and virtue signalling and a lot of what I thought I'd get away from by leaving traditional networks but it seems that fresh tech doesn't bring fresh perspectives.

Each party thinks they're right and they're not going to compromise, it will be sad to see the project die, but If that's what happens so be it. Will be fondly remembered like I used to use Google+ lol now its dead as shit, but I liked using the site.

It was a fun ride, lots of lessons, I'll stick around and see where it goes!

I feel you.

I feel the same about so much right now. Not only Steem and Hive..


I coined a term about a year ago, SID (Steemit Induced Depression). At the time, I told people I was half-joking. As time went on, the ratio of humor to seriousness has steadily declined.

Repeated failure causes our brains to create negative associations with the source of the failure and, at some point, begins secreting neurotransmitters in an effort to generate "avoidance behavior." It's a defense mechanism: Avoid that which causes pain.

Oblivious to anything other than their own self-interests, the Whales, Witnesses and Dev's (and subsequently Justin Sun) spent years thrashing about like bulls in a china shop. The number of active users plummeted but no matter ... all that was required was endless chest-thumping and a handful of pithy platitudes.

A bunch of snot-nosed Millennials, whose only identifiable skill was/is writing code, nevertheless knew it all. Highly predictable human behavior was therefore ignored in the name of the Revolution.

In the normal world, coders work for non-coders, specialists for generalists. CEO's are rarely the best at performing any of the myriad of skills necessary for their organizations to survive. It's as if the universe understands that complex systems require a conductor who can stand above the fray and balance the inputs of the various instruments in an orchestra.

Unless and until these blockchains obtain some pragmatic, non-ideological leadership, we're just re-arranging the deckchairs.


P.S. As of this writing, HIVE is trading at $0.12 having lost up to half it's value in the last 24 hours. Almost all the other cryptos are up substantially. The cause of the sell-off is, at the moment, undetermined but I'd wager it has something to do with the ongoing war between Justin Sun and the exiting Hive Whales, Witnesses and Dev's who are doing everything possible to poison each other's well.

I hope you decide to make the migration to Hive, @cryptogee. It was extremely difficult for me to just abandoned Steemit after all of the good memories and friendships I made over the past four years but most everyone who I connected with there made the migration to Hive. Although I agree it can be a little confusing, I feel like there's a core community and engagement here. I only hope that things improve with time and people learn from past mistakes. I hope you and your family are well. Please tell them Raymi and I said hello!

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