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RE: Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

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I have thoughts that possibly Sun & company are ruining Steemit because he may only wish to be a big influencer on the next popular social platform & not the actual governance of it. That wasn’t possible with Steem due to his terrible mistake of failing to communicate quick enough. That was a dagger.

He realizes Steem is done, so yes he likely will follow to Hive (if he’s smart), but not to take it over and control it. Instead just to be a part of it. As soon as he starts using Hive, most of his Tronions will follow suite.

At least that’s what my ultra optimistic side of me wants to think. The actual brawn of my brain has seen zero signs that Sun wishes to do anything but take control.

Possibly without the ninja mine being in play he can join and just be another big whale doing his own thing. That’s what we want deep down after all right? For Hive to be the place that the creators with the biggest following come to grow with their communities.



which drugs do you use? just curious, I'm looking to experiment and you seem to have the right recipe going on.

Dmt pro. I live in fantasy land part-time 😜

I've been micro dosing acid but sometimes I take too much. I don't know where to get DMT.... yet

I think what you mean is you often take too little 😛

I’ve never found DMT. It always finds me, truthfully.
Just go for a big 🍄 trip 5g or >
That’s usually pretty easy to find.

I prefer 5-meo myself. The world seems like a fantasy half the time as it is...

That hasn’t found me yet, I will accept if the opportunity ever arises.

I love the turn this thread took 😂

It’s tiny little unforeseen threads like this that can lead people to life changing experiences.

I have made my own extracts from Phalaris using THISbook but was not able to isolate into 5-meo. My only pure has been purchased. WELL worth the ride but it is the one that "takes you within" so can be a bit scary for those who aren't comfortable in their own heads.

Thanks for the book recommendation.

I’ve been locked inside of this particular head for 27 years. No sense in being afraid to go even deeper 🌀

That's the spirit!!!

I have a probably excessive library of similar literature in both physical and digital. This probably best describes it.

Not that we needed all that for the
trip, but once you get locked into
a serious drug collection, the
tendency is to push it as far as
you can.