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RE: Announcing @Likwid, The reward liquifier!

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Hi, I've had a couple posts pay out via likwid lately, and I clicked your link to more information.
I'm curious.... why am I receiving this service? I didn't sign up for it, and according to the information here, that's the only way a post's payouts can be modified this way.
Another question is was I charged for this service which I didn't want?
Please respond. Thanks.


I was wondering the same thing. disappointing they didn't respond.

I'm still getting docked, and still don't know how to stop it. They took funds from my charity project, for example. I don't want liquid STEEM. I power everything up.

I was wondering
The same thing. disappointing
They didn't respond.

                 - broncnutz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I have no idea, who created this silly, hilarious bot

Yeah, it is.
One of the posts this happened to was a post for a charity project I run (called Mission: Agua-Possible). I always give 100% of the post payout to the project, right down to the decimal point. Having a 3rd party come in and take part of that payout, which was earmarked to bring water back to thirsty victims of the crisis in Venezuela, is upsetting. I've been careful for nearly a full year, to make sure every satoshi from each post ends up going to the project. Now, somebody's pocketing some of those funds, and I don't seem to have any control over it. Makes me feel uneasy.

Can you link to the post?

Is it possible that someone who commented on your post set liqwid as a comment beneficiary, and so the bot was responding to their comment with the default notification it uses, which uses the term 'post'.

Thanks for your reply. I wonder, how could a stranger's comment cause a change in how my post pays out? In any case, this issue has occurred on all my video posts on 3Speak in the past 3 weeks. The one that particularly bothers me is here, because as I mentioned, that's a charity I run, and every single microsatoshi has been calculated and earmarked for the cause. I understand why such a service charges a fee, that's not my problem. My problem is that the fee has taken money from a charity, against the wishes of the contributors. It's a small amount, but it's the principle of it. I don't want to make trouble for anyone, but this service should not be triggering accidentally, because real world problems like mine can result. Hopefully somebody can sort it out so this doesn't become a bigger problem in the future.

Do you use a template or anything when you make those specific 3speak posts? You are positive @liqwid is not a beneficiary of those posts?

I assume my answer to those questions is "no", since I don't even know what a template is, or what beneficiaries of posts are.
I'm just a content-creator on Steem who recently started also uploading to 3Speak. The 3Speak posts are being liquidated by that service (which I've never interacted with until now). My other posts aren't being liquidated (they are paying out normally).

Did you ever get this sorted?

Partially, yeah. I've heard that liqwid is "forced on" for all 3speak posts. So there's no way to use 3Speak without giving part of your money to liqwid (essentially a payday loan advance) and burning 3% of it to @null, which is after the curators have taken their half, and the whales have taken their pillage share if your post didn't make at least $11.
In other words, you'll be lucky to see 1/4 of the payout showing on your 3speak posts.