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RE: My perspective on the value of Steem Power

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I'm just a little minnow. My SP is at 58.872, I want to make sure I understand what you are saying @benjojo, as a minnow it's ok to upvote myself that 1 cent my upvote is worth but as someone with substantial SP who could easily upvote say $25 or more, then my SP would be better spent in the community by upvoting good content of steemians who are adding value to the community?


I'm a dolphin. I think, for minnows, upvoting yourself is not a big problem, but you don't get much reward for it either.
Self-upvotes is a bigger problem once your SP builds up.
So, maybe get into the habbit of using your upvotes to build community instead.

What level do you have to be at to be considered a dolphin @eturnerx? I'm still very new to all this, I've only been here just over 2 months.

The thing I wonder is, if even as a minnow upvoting your own post is a bad thing, why do the devs even give us the button to make that an option when we create a post? I know I would have had a post or two with 0 pay out if it wasn't for my autoupvote and my wife's upvote. 2 cents is better than nothing and honestly that kitten play fighting video I did should have earned alot more. I mean who doesn't love kittens?

Dunno. But, as an arbitrary measure, I think dolphinhood is about 1,000SP with 500 followers.
Consider checking out @minnowsupport project (MSP). Also, throw some SBD at the upvote bots where they give more value than they cost.

See I can't really do that @eturnerx. I just left a comment yesterday on @charliefuchs post about people begging for follows and upvotes and I said this

"The goal is for the community to produce good content and be paid for that content. If someone can transfer SBD to a bot account and then their posts get auto upvoted it defeats the purpose of the community producing good content for the community. I would rather take a slow and steady growth by gaining real followers and real upvotes than to pay for upvotes.

Now I have nothing against voting trails, because in my experience the voting trail has come from a certain individual (pp are his initials) upvoting my post. That I am ok with because an actual person initiated that. That's just my 2 cents, well 1 cent in my case."

I can appreciate your reasoning. Quality content is what I'm here for too. Something to consider: Your voting power has value. Your SBD has value. In terms of you spending your value on self promotion, what's the difference between a self-upvote and a bot upvote?

A self upvote is like having self-esteem, you are proud of your own work and accomplishments. People respond positively to those who have confidence and self-esteem.

A bot upvote is a cold, lifeless, emotionless digital entity doing what it was programmed to do.

There is no esteem in a machine. There is no sense of pride and honor in a machine. There is no way for a machine to recognize and truly appreciate the effort or lack of effort an individual puts in to a post.

So, pride for a post enough to spend value worth pennies (self-vote), but not pride enough to spend value worth an SBD or two (bot-vote)?
The bots are cold-emotionless machines that lack judgement but they only act on instruction from us.