Social Network Addiction

in #steem3 years ago

In today's world, social network addiction is real. The most popular social networking framework being Facebook. Everyone checking their posts continually to see how many likes they get. It makes us feel good and we don't even get paid for it. All our information belongs to the network. Our likes and dislikes. They market directly to us and we let them for free while they earn billions annually.

It's been over 20 days now since I've touched the stuff. I'm weening myself off the network for a push that I consider to be even better, namely, Steemit. Steemit has empowered the people to earn money on their very own posts, for their own creativity. It's both an investment and an income, and it is uncensored which is awesome.

Steem has truly disrupted the social networking application sphere and it's here to stay. Power to the people. Keep steemin'!


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