What need to be done.

in #steem2 years ago

There are many a time when I was thinking that what is need to be done further.

Am I doing the right thing or I Just waste my time,

I am also said this in term of the time I am spending on the steemit.

Many a time I think that the price of steem will and up and once again the golden days came back but actually don't know whether it is going to happen or not but still I hope for the best.

Many a time I had also think about why we are here on this planet and why we had created this artificial world around us. There are many questions which need to be get answered and if you the answer please share it with me.

for now, I have many many questions and very less the solution so for this time it is enough.

If you find the answer to my question please discuss it with me in the comment section.

Thank you.


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