STEEMIT GIRL HALO ~ I'm Confused Can Someone Please Help?

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This morning I went to to check and see if we were still #1 and found this.

Steem is in #2 not #1 , but I started thinking and here is where I need confused and need help. If steemit has over 1 million users and around 50,000 daily active users, why are we not getting at least 50,000 votes per day? Honestly this should not even be a contest we should be dominating this, but with only 7688 votes there are not many of us voting. Is the steemit community not as strong as we all think? Help your steem investment and go vote , you have an opportunity to help here. Please make a post today about this contest or resteem this one , and go vote every 24hours we only have to day and tommorrow left to vote. @ned is asking we do this.

Coin Listing Contest

Important Announcement and Reminders

Please be reminded that each user can only vote once per project PER DAY. Any vote that does not comply with this rule will be removed from the count. Netcoins is in the process of removing invalid votes, so please note that the number of votes you see for each project below may not reflect the real number or final count.

Please note that the form you see on the right of the page is for nominations only - to vote, scroll down to the bottom to search for your favourite altcoin.

Nominate and vote for your favourite Altcoin for a chance to win:


Free listing worth $30,000 USD

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25% off listing fee*


$200 USD Crypto Bundle

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Press releases and media exposure on financial sites and crypto sites (Nasdaq, Globenewswire, Coinmarketcap, Coincodex etc…)
Global OTC desk availability

Nominate your favourite altcoin:

Fill in the form with your details, and information about the altcoin project you are nominating.

Everyone that submits a nomination will also stand a chance to win a crypto bundle worth $200 USD!


Vote for your favourite altcoin! The altcoin project with the highest number of votes will win a free listing with Netcoins.

*Companies that place 2nd - 10th will also have the opportunity to get listed for a discount of 25% if they sign on with Netcoins in October!



Am dissapointed but I understand why steem is not doing as well as I expect in the contest.

Minnowers are the largest population in the steem community that can help us win this but they don't get much support from whales and dolphins in the community and so they are feeling reluctant to cast their votes.

If true that is not a good reason to not go vote. No matter if I was a minnow , dolphin , or whale , I would be voting , this is something that every member of steemit can do to help. By voting they would be helping their own investment.

Oracle- d is giving out 1 USD Upvotes of you comment in his post with proof of Voting.

I say that should be enough incentive to go vote for STEEM.

I would say that is some incentive , but just wanting to help out your investment in steem should be incentive enough.

Where is the investment the Minnowers have to protect?.

If you hold any steem , sp, or sbd you have an investment .

Plus what is there to lose. Voting is free so why not help out the Community itself.

Well, I don't think so, but it is OK, that is the life I guess.

We're is the support the minnowers are getting before now, that is what am talking about?

I don't get it, minnows want whales support , but you're saying they won't go vote to help their selves. Makes no sense to me.

Yes because they don't see much to support the community about, since they were not getting much in the community anyway.

@yaanivapeji first of all there is some misconception that Whales are supposed to provide support to Minnows. They are Investors who moved into STEEM ahead of Time that's why they have huge SP's

Second point is the fact that there is indeed a lot of support provided from many people of the Community. There are several contests with nice prizes being run by people. The minnows have to find those, those opportunities are not going to come on a silver platter.

Third - If you are thinking of Upvotes not coming on a well deserved post of a Minnow. I agree that is indeed a problem but you also have to understand the fact that each day over 60000 Posts are written on the Blockchain. It would be practically impossible to go through all of them. That is why I run Post Promotion Threads where I personally Upvote Posts that are submitted by Minnows.

Minnows need to get a hold of the opportunities that are available here.

Yea, it is not a must for a whale to support a minnower, but I believe that if you build relationships with them, it should be natural for them to support you.

I believe that building relationships should be the key to getting support from anybody on this platform. But I can tell you that I have built relationships with those with large steem power and still not got support from them. Anytime they want to give a minnowers votes, it is really little but they don't mind pouring all their votes to those with large stake has them.

For some whales, if they don't see their type to vote, them don't mind leaving their voting power at 100% instead rather than voting a minnowers.

I don't have to be Shakespeare to get a vote from a whale. I have been here over a year now and am here for the long haul and I have never powered down, so I feel like I deserve support from the whales for my effort and I don't think that it is too much to ask. There is enough steem to go around all of us.

Voted this morn already. Two days in a row, since learning of this of course.

Great , Thank You. Spread the word:)

I am pissed about this too. I checked the stats and found out that daily there are around 60000 posts published in average. Let's say a single user posts 10 times a day even then we should have 6000 active users. But we are just over 7000 votes in the contest. I have personally voted 4 times and I guess most of us has done the same. Keeping that in mind we can say that among those 6000 active users only 2000 of them actually care for STEEM.

PS The above numbers are an Approximate number.

Thank You for voting , I really thought the steem community was stronger then this , kinda disappointing to be honest. Don't get me wrong I love steemit , but honestly this contest should be won easily by steem , but it's gonna be done to the wire with verge.

Yes it is disappointing. I know some guys are saying that Minnows are not getting no rewards so they have no Incentive to vote for STEEM but I beg to differ.

I know several peoples who are hosting Contests especially for minnows and their Promotion. I personally host Post promotion Threads where I Upvote posts submitted by minnows.

There are several opportunities on Steemit you just have to work hard and find them.

Well this is what I have experienced, you make a post but where are all the big guys with 70, 60 or 50 voting for minnows or fish like me, I have seen a lot of talent and it goes wasted, no support from the big guys why should the little guy vote for the big guy. This should be for everyone to vote, upvote, resteem. It's the small that make the big grow.

If steem wins this it would be a win for everyone on the steem platform not just for whales.

I, too find it surprising that Steem is not getting at least 3,000 votes every day, that should be the minimum with the amount of active users. I guess it could be the result of red fish and minnows not being taken into account by the bigger guys, but whatever the reason Steem is just not getting as many votes as it should. I am not personally too pleased with how things are working out on Steemit, and frankly I don't think the future holds much for the little guys like me, in fact I don't think I or a lot of others will be here next year. Still not voting for something that could have a great outcome for Steem and possibly for me is not, I think a good idea. I have already voted 5 or 6 times.

Thank You for voting. I guess some people just don't get it. No matter who you are if you are invested in steem you should go vote period.

There is another factor that is at play here at think, and that is their simple rules to follow. The ones you posted. Noticed a few times that vote counts for position 2 were higher than those of position 1. How can that be? Easy: Duplicate votes. A lot of them, from people who think too small.

Correction may not be obvious but given any imbalance or displacement, the fix is on the way and future possibility often takes a lot of the impact.

Creating more work for their admin team is a bad strategy.
Encouraging others to be as unethical and selfish as you are (this is by no means directed at you halo)- to do the same is just stupid.
If in need of insight, head on over to SteemBounty.

Itś steemits new ¨Paid To..______¨ site.
Paying incentives is one thing but lets ask- has ¨system gaming¨ ever been a problem on steemit? And what is the harm in this? Give a child a power tool - expect that it will be used recklessly, create something delightful while destroying something that is essential to someone else.
Not saying Iḿ against it, but my first impression- lets just say that some of the rooms may be poorly lit at the moment.
Here´s what I saw-
¨Iḿ using my sister, brothers, mothers email account and Iḿ using the Tor network so I vote multiple times¨ ¨but I know what I´m doing¨ he says.

The promoter / bounty payor- says ¨Yea guys, vote twice- you have to vote twice and take screen shot to share in the paid bounty¨ (not verbatim but close)
What´s more-
You have a project, you search where your project is mentioned (prepared to respond in some way), you read what people are saying. If you dont do this, you wont have that project for very long.

I don´t want to curb enthusiasm but I want to say ¨please close your account and go hijack somebody´s web traffic for the chance at internet riches¨
I really try to be nice but holding back is like being dead. There are more than one way to see a thing but if seeing prompts me to choose. Then Iḿ either out or moving to share in the ownership.