Steem as a blockchain is proving its worth

in #steem2 years ago

Nothing says "valuable" more than a blockchain that survives an attack of this scale through community efforts. Though a lot of attention may be brought to the weaknesses, I think DPOS has proven its use cases and strength areas in a major way. Dan Larimer's creation introduced a rather effective way to do decentralized governance.

The attack also taught us other lessons, such as the importance of voting in DPOS, weaknesses of centralized exchanges and how collusion can be employed to attack a DPOS blockchain.

There's a phrase that was used a lot when Steem was being promoted over the last year or two: "battle tested."

I don't think it was ever "battle-tested."

After this attack, Steem is now battle-tested. It wasn't back then.

Huobi has begun its power down. Binance said it will.

Now that the situation is headed toward resolution, I can focus on writing code again.

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