The people behind the words. --- STEEM has thousands of people writing content. WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE THEY?

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When you read steem content.. it is neverending. Everyone is writing something. WHO ARE WE ALL?


We need to celebrate ourselves. We're what the internet needs....

You know it. You feel it.

  • Who is more important? ME, or YOU? -- ANSWER: We both are!

Not only are the words we write "locked" into a blockchain, which means, 100 years from now, if this blockchain continues to exist.. our words will be written in stone.


What you write today, is locked into the steem blockchain. Let's imagine for a moment, that 100 years from now, or even 200 years from now.. the steem blockchain still exists, somewhere, long after we eventually are no longer here.

Can you imagine... instead of digging up dirt, with brushes, like archaeologists do...

...all someone has to do, after 200 years from now, is read bytes stored "somewhere" to see what people were talking about in 2018? ready for this....

It is going to happen.

  • I might have fans of mine, long after I'm dead, reading my posts that I write today -- 200 years from now.

  • ...and that isn't just me.. it is YOU as well...

Imagine that for a moment.

Your fingers stroking over the keyboard, and what you post today, and posted to the steem chain, could be dug up 200 years ago and read by our next 2-3 generations...

We're pioneers, who have digitized our words first.

Feel special about who you are, what you want to say, the fact you can lock your words into a neverending blockchain.

Someone 200 years from now is going to read this exact text and not only that... but your comments too

...We're building human history at this exact moment. Much like a time capsule buried underneath a school flag.

....we're forever part of history. My words and yours too... are locked into a blockchain. Every character and word you type, and publish is part of a permanent record.

...that's nice to know..

If any of us are hit by a bus tomorrow (heaven forbid).. at least what we posted on steem will supersede us for hundreds of years. I believe that..

You like? You agree? Don't keep this a secret. Re-steem if you really truly believe. Let everyone know...


Digital Time Capsule!

Oh dude, I'm not sure if everything here should last the next 100 years :D

Well then we need to get better.

My typos will live on forever!

I agree steem blockchain will here to stay for the next thousand years.

Very cool and interesting perspective, I hadn't thought of it. Thank you @intelliguy for this. Followed, upvoted, and resteemed.

Someone 200 years from now is going to read this exact text and not only that... but your comments too

Boobs! (just wanted to leave something for the next generations)

It is amazing, maybe by compiling all of this data researchers in the future will be better able to handle certain things! Imagine a AI reading all of the content we are creating on this blockchain, the stuff that it would learn!

But there is a downside to blockchain tech, imagine if we get blockchain plus gps chips implanted in use, all your moves, everything you would do would be recorded and stored for all of eternity! Governments who get this power will be way to overpowered!

If that notion doesn't scare you a little, it suggests to me that you don't really understand it.


Yes it's a nice thought. However the Steem Blockchain may not last for 100 years. It may not even last another year.

If the price if Steem goes to zero or thereabouts Steemit would collapse since the node operators or the website couldn't afford to continue.

You might think this couldn't happen. If you think that maybe you should have a look at this:
Is Steemit Dying?