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RE: How Steem Became Hive

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헛소리 하시네.
hive는 한국인을 제외했다.
인종차별이며 초중앙집권이라는 증거다.
그래서 hive는 블록체인이 아니다.


Google translate:

You're bullshit.
hive excluded korean.
It is racism and evidence of ultra-centralized power.
So hive is not a blockchain.

No, Hive did not “exclude” Korean. This is not about race at all. I already stated I didn’t agree with excluding those who supported centralizing the chain, but that what it was about. If some in the Korean community want centralization, they can have it on Steem.

It was not evidence of centralized power. There was a significant number of token holders, application builders, and witnesses in the discussions that created Hive. I know. I was there. Were you? Saying factually incorrect things again and again doesn’t make them true.

What is a blockchain to you? Seriously. Please answer that question so we can all better understand your position. Your answer will plainly demonstrate why your statement about Hive is false.