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RE: What Makes a 'dApp' a 'dApp'?

in #steem2 years ago

After your definition in our steem ecosystem. Would it true to asses the following?

  • can NOT be considered a dapp since its being run on a third party server and you can not even verify that the installed source code has not been modified with respect to any "verificable" condenser repository.
  • contrarily when downloading condenser from its github repositoy and running it on your own webserver, you are using a dapp, since you are in control of the entry into the ecosystem and stuff like signing a transaction with your private key is all done on your privately owned resources by verificable code.

So, there might be a bit of a misunderstanding here. is not a dApp, but not for your reasons -- is an interface that access an underlying dApp (the STEEM ecosystem with posts, votes, and rewards). It's also not the only interface to access it.

But currently, is not decentralized. When you access, you outsource verification of the content displayed to Steemit Inc.
Indeed, if you were to download (and vet) condenser and run it off of your own steemd node, which is validating data, then you are accessing the STEEM dApp without outsourcing verification.