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While my brother is here I have hardly logged into any trading views which has been quite a good break as lately I feel like I have lost the trade edge. I feel that I was a lot more risk taking than before but I am unsure why I have become so much more conservative. Perhaps it is because my own financial situation is so poor currently that I have to think a lot more carefully about each move.


I think that seeing how enthusiastically my daughter has reacted to having my family here has made her consider much more strongly what the future may hold and whether not being in Australia for some period is going to mean our daughter misses out on something. The problem is that she doesn't want to be away from her own family either as they are both great for our daughter and, she is very close to them.

This is always a problem with a relationship between two people who are from different sides of the world as one is always going to be a long way away from family and the cost of visiting is incredibly high, even if only occasionally. It takes a great deal of resources to be able to go back and forwards and even when family can travel to visit themselves, it is never going to be often enough for long enough.

My brother will only be spending a week with us and, it is flying by so fast. I don't think that they realised just how fast a week goes with my daughter, especially when they want to be here with her. Nap times and bedtimes eat a great chunk out of the days and it really only leaves a few hours each day to spend with her where she isn't eating, getting dressed or having a bath. Take out the shopping, the travel times, the other obligations and, very little is left to really get to know who and how she is as a little person.

And, she is a little person who is able to communicate a great deal with them and has her own little quirks that they are fast learning are adorable. I know that on Friday when they part ways, it is going to be incredibly hard on everyone.

My wife has been saying a lot of "If Steem" comments lately because if Steem performs well, we may have the chance to either see each other more regularly or potentially move to Australia for a period of time. Steem could supplement our income meaning that we wouldn't have to be so pressured to build career positions to cover our needs.

It is for these kinds of reasons that I am working so hard to try and build a position that provides the potential for it and even if it doesn't happen completely, at least we might be able to see each other a little more often than once every 12 years. I don't want to be over 50 the next time.

I enjoy to think about all of the potentials of the what ifs but lately, with all that has been going on, it has been the what is that has dominated the mind. When I look at the is it doesn't make me want to take risks but, the ifs fill me with confidence. This is of course a psychological phenomena that leads to people spending way too much time on what could happen and much too little on what it takes to actually get there.

I feel that these days, people are spending their limited resources dreaming while the work required to have a chance at having the dream falls by the wayside. It is a risk to invest into the unknown, just like it is a risk to trade on the future. To have a chance at the future provisions for my wife and daughter, I think I am going to have to be a little more risk taking or at least, a little ore attentive to the markets.

None can really say with any certainty where all of this will lead but that doesn't really matter to me as what is important is that it has the potential to go somewhere. It feels safe to be in the comfort zone away from risk but at the end of the day, the easy path nearly always winds up costing much more than the effort it takes on the difficult.

Too much 'easy' life path has left me with very little choice but to now take the difficult path and, accept the risks. If Steem requires my every day, on Steem to make it happen.

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Oh I am so with you on the IF STEEM talks. My wallet isn't anything near yours, but even still the added income from what posts would pay out would make a huge difference in easing financial strains for our family. Posts would have to get pretty valuable before I started pulling cash out, but there is a point where I'd have to say ok lets take care of some things around the house, take care of braces, and so forth.

My Sister just moved across country and while it's not the other side of the world, it's still going to be hard. I could drive it in about 30 hours (straight) or it's only 4 hour flight, but it's the cost and finding time to travel like that. 4 hours or 12 in the air really isn't the issue. It's the time away from earning income while spending a lot of money that makes the idea of visiting hard.

Enjoy the time you have together and hopefully we all see Steem at $20 soon.

It's the time away from earning income while spending a lot of money that makes the idea of visiting hard.

THis is the biggest problem for us as the timing also means we would have to fly at the most expensive times of year to catch Australian holidays which also happen to be my best months to earn. A little extra would be great.

Same here. The best times for the kids to be off school tends to be my show season. It's also the best time for my buying of inventory. Put it all together and it's a bad time to go for me personally.

Forget about trading. The Finnish Tax Authority has published new guidelines on crypto taxation on July 2 (retroactively effective since May 29) according to which crypto-crypto trades are tax events. One is supposed to calculate of the fiat value of the currency you're selling to see if it has appreciated and if it has, the gain is taxable as capital gains. If you trade a lot and haven't kept accurate records of everything, your taxes maybe estimated. Lord knows what those estimates could hold. So, my advice is that you forget about trading. You have to make 30 or 34 percent profit to break even. Even without these tax rules, day trading is a near-guaranteed way to lose all your money eventually. Now it has become a lightning-fast way to dig yourself into a very deep hole.

Finland. So predictable.

They are following the example of other countries like Sweden and the USA.

What a great idea from those countries.

interesting, can you DM me a link?


I don't know if that has been translated into English but you can put it through Google Translate.

I've been playing the "If Steem..." game in my head too. I still feel like it's more a matter of 'when' than 'if' but it could be 5-10 years from now. Or a few months. Nobody really knows.

If steem, (it seems to me), seems to be taking over people's sentences more and more.
As opposed to when steem, which was more of the default sentence only a few months ago...

Not a lot has changed in the crypto world to change that mindset, which is interesting.
(price isn't really a logical reason, they are no more volatile now than they have been previously previously).

Too much 'easy' life path has left me with very little choice but to now take the difficult path and, accept the risks.

Conversely too much 'risky' life has left me in exactly the same position!

Oh, on the upside, my financial headaches have finally been resolved! phew!
I now don't have to rely on steemit for my daily bread, and can start rebuilding my lot here... again..
( and I only had enough 'daily bread' to last another couple of weeks!)


I feel that these days, people are spending their limited resources dreaming while the work required to have a chance at having the dream falls by the wayside.

Absolutely correct. It is part of the reasons why I don't bother with wishful thinking sometimes. For instance, I don't dream about the price of steem getting to $100, I target to earn $100,000 instead

Hi Taraz. It's a hamster wheel and once you are on it that's it. One of these days your commitment will pay off hugely. I believe that and we have no choice but to spend every available moment on here for now.

Yeah, I feel that there is still a long way to go with a fair bit of work required.

I reckon you are right. The more you put in though the better it is for the long term. Plus it is enjoyable is a little bonus.

The game of 'ifs' is a little perplexing. On one hand it serves no purpose or shed mostly casts a shadow of doubt even on positive scenarios. On the other hand there is no escaping our own human nature and avoid asking these questions.

Thankfully the dilemma is more than resolved for a person who sticks to the long term plan and has enough creativity to maneuver around the minor obstacles. I have seen this in you, when I saw you daughters @smallsteps account. It is one of the most creative future insurance strategy for children that I have seen.

PS: Glad to see your families getting to know each other. Hopefully more opportunities will come along. sooner rather than later :-)

your posts of late have remaindered me how Our family does not spend nearly enough time together thats something I want to fix before its to late. I have been thinking about investing some money into Steem, nothing grand mind you but $20. here or $35. there. Maybe if I make some extra cash on my other blog I can transfer into steem as well. I am willing to put the work into it as well. I would defiantly rather earn .25 cents on here as possessed to $1.00 working a job I hate.

The family thing is one of the major reasons why I stomped my foot down pretty hard when my partner was wanting to skip the country (mostly for real estate reasons as far as I can tell, he did cite a quality of life kind of argument but his quality of life idea is more financial than mine). It is pretty hard when family members are spread around the place even when it's just sprinkled across the same country.

Good luck with all the market type stuff :)

Enjoy the week. Make every moment count. Next week Steemit will be here. Your brother has to go home. Took a long time for this week to happen.

That is the thing with need and want, something our new generation has a hard time understanding, no risk or work, no reward. Enjoy your family and keep cranking mate, you'll get there. You haven't done too shitty so far. I am a little despondent at the moment as I'm not getting enough attention on my work, but I also understand that I have to change pace and up my work quality for that to happen. Just keep writing just keep writing

In life, there will always be hard timrs, challenges and difficuties but how we manage and cope with them in order to over come those challenges is what really matters a lot.

If steem...? Our wish is for it to rise in price value...

First, enjoy these few days that are together, do not waste a second, that's very nice. They are experiences that we will never forget. And secondly think positive, you will see that if you have enough money to make more frequent visits and share with your family. Look how you write, you already have influence, you already have an audience that follows you. You have a good way ahead. Make the most of it and be positive. 😉

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