TRON Offered 3Speak's Dan A Chance To Buy ALL Of STEEMIT Inc's Tokens at Discounted Rate!?

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Well, the twists and turns continue in the TRON/STEEM token saga. @theycallmedan has tweeted that TRON offered him the opportunity to buy all of the STEEM tokens at a discounted rate. He says they claimed they would have never bought it if they would have known that it had clauses attached. If true (and I have no reason to think it is not true), then this may be a 180 degree turnaround on @justinsunsteemit's position regarding acknowledging the validity of the community's claims on the tokens.

Also highly relevant is, as I reported previously, that the MD of Steemit inc. stated that she had warned TRON in advance that the tokens had claims on them. This appears to suggest that, again, someone is lying.

tron offer to dan.png

Dan states in his tweets that he turned TRON down as he refuses to touch the Steemit Inc. stake. Finding out the price he was offered would possibly be quite useful in determining the parameters of a community buyout, as suggested by @thecryptodrive, if that were to take place.

What are your thoughts?

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Why don't they just sue Ned?

That seems to come down to whether or not they knew in advance about the conditions on the tokens. I'd say from the evidence it looks like they did know in advance and that Ned did disclose the details of the tokens to them and so they can't sue him.

Thanks. Then it’s just someone thought he could outsmart others.

It does look that way, yes. It takes a mammoth sized ego to think it can outsmart 50,000 unknown people! It's hard to imagine that someone would attempt that for many people - but not for me as I have been exploring large scaled 'conspiracies' for years and long ago had to expand my mind's 'scam detector' to look at much larger possibilities than most will consider! ;)

I suggest that the Tron Stake gets sold in a public auction, where private investors have a chance to acquire Steem Stake with all normal voting rights included. This method would guarantee that the stake gets distributed to many different investors as possible, who believe in the future of Steem Blockchain.

There's still some legal issues around whether they are able to sell it or not, from my pov. I have no idea what the outcome will be at this point.

Tempting offer but Dan made a good choice in declining what might have been a trap.

Wow wow wow, the plot thickens once again, it really is crazy how many plot twists this saga has had. At some point it's going to become more trouble than its worth for Justin, I think he's about ready to move on. I'd say if he is willing to sell it to Dan, he should consider having an agreement with the witnesses to say the Inc stake will be used to provide liquidity on all the new exchanges he plans to list on and then he can set his price walls.

I mean there are like 100 exchanges we could possibly be listed on. If thats all he focused on with this project I'm pretty sure he can 5x his investment if not more

I would love that offer to happen.
Sure steemit not needed but you saw what happened with bitcoin dot com? Would cause so much confusion but bitcoin still have the org site but Sun owns the steem one :(
At least the steem one should be bought but I like to see the whole thing!

There are various options, but it would be good to keep it, yes. I said a long time ago that Steemit should be shut down and the traffic forwarded to Steempeak. The problem with that is that Steempeak isn't open source.

But the open source is still available on

I got $40 in LTC towards a buyout.. 🤣

Nice, you can have some of the commas from's about page :)

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed comma!

Cheers for reporting this, very interesting!

I got about tree fiddy.

first i'm not sure if dan has the money. but if he does (and if it means getting rid of the existential threat), "discount" doesn't sound too bad.

Lol, I still say it's better to make him one of us until he can dump at 4usd, or higher.

As shady a deal that @ned might have arranged, this does not free Jason Sun the responsibility of performing rigorous due diligence before signing on the dotted line. This of course call into question his overall motives and approach to business.

That will be great if Dan acquired it with community consent.

Why not offer the community a chance to buy the tokens back, preferably to be held in trust for the community's sake?

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