Showcase Sunday: Does Steem Suck?

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This week for Showcase Sunday, I am rerunning a two-year-old article about how Steem does have many issues, but that is par for the course in crypto.

It's still true.

Does Steem Suck?

Yes, Yes Steem does suck in many ways.

  • Our Distribution/Decentralization
  • Our Inability to Reward Engaging Content without Curation Guilds or Buying Votes
  • Our Funky and Confusing Relationship with SteemIt Inc.
  • Our User Retention
  • Our Young and Immature Applications
  • Probably Many Other Things

Yes, there are lots of sucky things about Steem.
Don't worry though, I will tell you why it doesn't matter and why I am still bullish on our Long-Term Outlook.



Bitcoin was created to give people a fast and free/cheap method to exchange value without 3rd Party Intervention. However, at it's highest points with low consumer adoption, it didn't scale. It was slow and expensive and in order to do nearly anything with it, one will still need a 3rd party.


I can't stand any ETH projects I hate Gas and it is expensive and confusing to do anything with any ETH projects. A small game with some crypto kitties brought the network to its knees.


Four billion dollars has not given EOS a huge jump ahead of the competition, like most projects there is more untapped potential than actual projects at this point.

It doesn't matter

I could continue to list the sucky crypto projects, but let's just say most of crypto is young and immature and doesn't replace many/any projects at a higher level. Most of them are run by developers who have no idea how to run a business.

I don't mind that Steem seems young and immature with plenty of issues to work out because that is the status of most of Crypto.

Unlike many other tokens, we do have a working model, the blockchain is fast and solid and none of our suckiness is unfixable.

We are ahead. We have easy passwords, a business case, a community and proof that mainstream people can be onboarded and learn to use the site, transfer tokens and exchange them. We now have community developers who have been able to write and contribute code.

We will not compete with Facebook anytime soon, but we stack up just fine against the world of Crypto and that is going to matter more and more as the Market gets flooded with Shit coins.

I encourage you to consider our issues and think about some other projects, we have room for growth and problems to solve but so does the rest of crypto.

So, I acknowledge we suck at many things and I choose not to complain about it much, because it's a bad idea to shit where you eat. (an old corporate saying for "Don't Trash Your Own Project".

Steem Sucks, Steem Anyway.



I think this would be better worded as "does steem suck now?"

I say that because it didn't used to suck. I used to look forward every single day 2 coming home and doing meme challenges. Color project activities. Various daily tasks that were fun and exciting.

Is steem fun and exciting now? People that used to read my posts know that I've been gone for a while for various reasons and most of those have nothing to do with the quality of the site itself.

However... I see the same old faces so I can hardly call us Young. some of these people are really like and there are a great deal of them also that I'm not a fan of...and most of those people are in very high positions.

Is steem fun now? I don't think so. Maybe we'll find a way to get back to where we were. Maybe I really just need to buy myself something like a Chromebook or laptop and start writing again but I wonder if anybody would be interested in Reading fiction now on this site?

Seems doubtful.

That's because there's something off. I'm not even sure what it is but I'm definitely aware of it.

Maybe we can finally get back to where we were when things were a lot of fun. That would certainly be nice.

You're right. It's not fun anymore. No contest, challenges, memes.
Curation trails and downvote trails dictating what to do. Not good.
With communities, I can't even find enough posts to vote.

Good comment, sir! (or miss/mrs, I dunno)

......... and I choose not to complain about it much, because it's a bad idea to shit where you eat. (an old corporate saying for "Don't Trash Your Own Project".

One person critical appraisal, is another persons insult.
Insults are normally perceived by those in a weak position, who are unable to answer questions satisfactorily.

THIS is one of the major hindrances of the steem ecosystem going forwards, imo.

Sycophancy and fence sitting is king, in these parts.

ie DPOS -weak individuals with larger stakes having far more influence than their integrity or intelligence ratio, would normally allow for, in the 'real world'.
Power + life inexperience, is not a good recipe for success

Absolutely sucks, but I've enjoyed much worse projects just as much, maturity eventually happens, as you mentioned. #Steem4Lyfe

I think the decentralization and distribution has improved in the last two years in terms of stake. The witnesses voting model should be changed to have further decentralization.

The relation with Stinc is still confusing, but now diferent, things have changee there :)

Rewarding engagment now sucks even more.

Apps have improved but we can still do much better.

Does Steem Suck?

  • Our Distribution/Decentralization
  • Our Inability to Reward Engaging Content without Curation Guilds or Buying Votes
  • Our Funky and Confusing Relationship with SteemIt Inc.
  • Our User Retention
  • Our Young and Immature Applications
  • Probably Many Other Things

It's still true?

YES! It's still true!

Security Check.jpg

Steem never just hasn't reached its potential and matured as a technology.

You should have just cross-posted your old post into the whatsup community instead of refreshing it.

It is a 'Showcase Sunday' post @abitcoinskeptic.

So, if you dare to say again that we have to just 'cross-post' our old posts to resurrect and refresh them. I'm going to have to accuse you with @nonameslefttouse to apply you his merciless Silent Treatment. }:)

I'm no showcase Sunday expert.

I like talking to nonameslefttouse and I wouldn't fair well with silent treatment. It would make my condition or whatever much worse.

I'm no showcase Sunday expert.

Over here a relevant clue about the subject my friend. :)

And yeah of course, the 'Silent Treatment' must be a thang really unbearable without a doubt. LoL

Silent treatment

We suck and that's just being realistic but most importantly, we have plenty room for improvement and with time, we'll get it right.

We're humans and humans have imperfection ingrained in us (except Elon Musk, he's my God). Steem will always have issues and as long as the goal is to improve, we'll be fine.

Steem sucks but fuck it, Steem on anyways

All crypto projects suck now because we know where its supposed to go and we've seen the roadmaps, facebook for example didn't suck because they don't openly tell people where its going they just update it and people eat it up. Working on a decentralised project is always going to be harder than centralised, people are excited I get that but we're early and this is the pain points of being early

I wonder if people will be gritting their teeth when newbs come in one day and can't tell the difference between an on chain project and a off chain one, will people still be bitching?

We have easy passwords, account names


Really, imo, the general suckyness is indicative of the spreading out of influence.
Have you looked at fedbook?
We are drawing from a pool of Normie's, not excellers.
Or, Ned's robot shitposting farming accounts are being fed by cheap ai.
Either way, we are what we are, and we will be what we decide to be, provided we persist.

Steem is far from perfect. The passwords/keys confuse a lot of new users, but any crypto requires them to manage their own security. Despite that I still see it as having great potential and there's nothing quite like it. We have the basis of something great, but it remains to be seen if it can break out.

Depends what corner of Steem you hang out on. In my neck of the woods, it's pretty dandy, we have fun with @yourtop3 monthly contest where we ask the steem community what their favourite (or least favourite) things are about a certain topic.

As for there being no fun or contests from some of the comments - you guys and girls need to check this post out from pennsif, there's a list of about 40 contests on there.

Too much negativity around here to be honest!

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.

Steem hardly sucks. It needs to be put into comparison with all other projects to be evaluated. When you do that Steem is pretty awesome.

Our Distribution/Decentralization - much better then most
Our Inability to Reward Engaging Content without Curation Guilds or Buying Votes - wer pretty unique at this and do it better then almost all smaller copycats.
Our Funky and Confusing Relationship with SteemIt Inc. - We froze their stake, nothing confusing there, and other projects are much more centralized then us
Our User Retention - Price goes up, users go up. At least we have users unlike 99% of other projects.
Our Young and Immature Applications - Same everywhere else
Probably Many Other Things - Same everywhere else.