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RE: Zombie Adventure (Déjà vu) - Game 57 - Day 11 (May 7, 2021)

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Player No. 11 (order No. 2)

That injured sergeant has been doing too much damage and needs to be stopped. I'm going to try my best to persuade the dice-god to allow me to clean up some of those coppers. Drat! Had I known I would be safe on the street I could now take the gas and torch and throw it into zone 1. Since I'm too far away, I will leave that job to someone else. Instead, I will go for the rifle and see if I can take out that sergeant.
Bonus roll = 1 (can't miss) Nice!
Action 1: Move south.
Action 2: Pick up the rifle.
Action 3: Shoot and kill the sergeant in zone 1.
!BEER and !ENGAGE 15


You earned a life force.
Thank-you for the !BEER and !ENGAGE 20, !LUV

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