Nextcolony and Stemmonsters Progress Report

in #steemacelast year

Busy Gaming Times on the Chain

Just a little recap on my progress throughout the gaming sphere here.


I have more or less stopped as too many accounts with stronger cards kill me and I lost fun - no worries - I love the Blockchain Game!


I still log in daily to see what ressources I can save - especially looking out for "steem-engine" integration - fun limitted but could go up when the guys that attack me there will cross my path on the next Game below......

Nextcolony - COOL

I did not progress a lot but can at least explore a bit with 4(+1) across my region with at least some space open - have three planets and love the game play and the outlook. This game is pure fun and thanks a lot to the team around @oliverschmid @rondras @holger80 @jarunik to listen to the player base! Appreciate the quick feedback on questions!