God Knows My Name

in #steemchurch5 years ago

I will tell y'all a story I once heard in church about an old pastor who was dying. A young pastor came to visit him and asked him if he (the old pastor )had any favourite edifying verse in the Bible that he would like him to read to his hearing, "yes replied the old pastor ,please read the 1st chapter of 1st chronicless"
It was quite hard pronouncing some of the two hundred and fifty unfamiliar names in the fifty four verses of genealogies. The old pastor listened with passion and joy to every name called, when the young pastor finished,he uttered a Fervent Amen! "Thank you my son,that was so comforting" The young man surprised about what will be so comforting in names mentioned in the Bible asked the old pastor, "What's so comforting about this chapter?" Ah said the old pastor Just to think that God knew all of them by name?

And what a comfort that is to me ,in the midst of close to 6.7 billion people on planet Earth,God knows your name specially. He is your creator and he knows your strength and weaknesses. The wisdom ,understanding and strength of the Lord is unmeasurable.
He is the God that weighs the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance. Don't think he has forgotten,you are not lost on in the crowd,no never! He is the God that calls the stars by their names and there is NOTHING He can do for you.
If He gave you Jesus ,what else can he not give to you? If you will wait on him and not murmur he will cast down the wicked for your sake!
He shall elevate you beyond your dreams and Honour you Hallelujah !