All Hands On Deck!

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Look lively, mates! Satoshi's Treasure Steem Clan needs you!
This key will belong to the quickest, the best, and the most uncanny hunters. Those'll be us!

< /PirateSpeak >

Now is our hour of need. We have something no other clan has: the Steem Community at our backs. All that is necessary to win this for Steem is a Twitter account and the willingness to show your face for a few seconds in a tweet, making our Steem hand sign in what will probably become the longest ever human blockchain!

The Important Bits:

The #satoshistreasure hashtag on Twitter is being followed by crypto enthusiasts around the world.

A Steem Community currently has the longest human blockchain on that hashtag, ahead of clans with far more developer and investor props than our little clan.

Why is that? Because Steem is all about COMMUNITY!

Oh yeah, and we are competing for a prize of $1 Million in Bitcoin.

We can win this for Steem if we get the broader community involved. And in the process, thousands more people will see the good qualities of Steem in action. People who might understand the potential of this blockchain.

How You Can Help

You do not have to be a member of our Steem clan to participate, but you do have to be a member of Steem. There have already been a few attempts from the outside to invalidate our chain, so being active on Steem goes a long way to earning our trust.

To participate, you must be willing and able to post a short video of yourself on Twitter. You do not have to prove who you are or use your primary Twitter account, but to be valid your block must not hide your face. A person may only post once. If you want to help but are unwilling to post video of your face, please pass this info along to someone you know who might participate.

To prevent accidental forking of our video chain, we ask that everyone interested in posting a block sign up using this form with your Steem name and the Twitter account that you will be using.

We would like all of Steem to get involved on this one as it's great fun!

The official Steem Clan account has more info, but I don't know what you are waiting for really. The signup is right up there, go for it!

You're still here? Ok, don't forget we are also sponsoring 1 SBI for each person who gets involved. We will do more if we can.

I got into the chain on block #6. Here is my fantastic Steem wiggle


Now, I will shamelessly tag everyone I can think of to get involved. If you aren't them, you don't have to read further. I've said my piece. If I know you and didn't tag you, you either already posted or I forgot. Sorry, I'm in a rush. I'm off to seek the treasure!


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Thank you for the thought, I do not however use twitter. I found it just to be spam.

I also dislike Twitter, but as the contest organizers user it frequently I dusted off my old account.

Thanks for replying, and if you think of anyone who might want to jump onboard this effort, please share!

I forgot to mention, the Clan Key challenge is only for two weeks.

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I like your politeness.... Very admirable..... I think I will do the contest also

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Thank you!
I think politeness is important. Trust is earned, but respect is something that is mine to give. I appreciate you noticing.

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I forgot to mention you can be involved in this contest anytime; it goes on until June 15th. If you have a Twitter account and don't mind making a video, you can use the form linked in my post to sign up. Just please wait for confirmation before you tweet your block! Our chain becomes invalid if a link is broken or duplicated.

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I do have a Twitter, although I never use it, but it’s there. What has to be in the video?

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I never used mine before this Hunt, but lately I've been a regular chatterbox!
The video need only be a few seconds long. You video yourself making our #steemclan hand gesture (a little wave like the Steem logo) while holding a phone or other display showing the block before yours.
Then tweet it with a series of hashtags #satoshistreasure #clanchain #steemclan #(your block#) and a link to the block before it. If you'd like to jump in, just sign up on the form linked in my post and I can contact you here. The signup helps us makes sure there are no duplicate or unlinked blocks.

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If you happen to be available and willing do to a video tweet for us, we really do need all hands! The challenge ends in 75 mins and a rival clan pulled out a secret stash of videos to take the lead! We've been building ours organically from real Steem supporters, they've been grabbing handfuls of people from a park where one of them works. I'd hate for them to beat us that way!

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Who video would be in mine and would I have to make it repeat. Unfortunately my video editing skills are for bigger videos and probably take me longer than 75 min.

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Oops, things got really busy at the end of this challenge and I didn't get this notification until now! I do appreciate your response. We did not win the key, but there will be hundreds more. The Steem community made a really good showing, and the clan that did win didn't really do it with community building. They just went to a Bingo hall and went down the tables adding people to their chain.

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Thanks for the support promoting the clan key

I hope the hunt is going good :)

It's going pretty well, thanks!
Sadly we came in 2nd place on the Clan Key, which still annoys me because we had a chain filled with active Steemians and their families, and they won by leveraging co-workers with no real connection to the hunt.
Oh well, it was a good rallying cry and the hunt continues!

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I don't use twitter otherwise I'd try to help! It's temping to make a twitter account just for this though I'm super overwhelmingly busy so I'm not sure if I will. I'll give it a resteem though at the least.

Thanks! I understand super overwhelmingly busy. I had an existing Twitter account that I never used - I just don't enjoy the platform and don't find it habit forming like longer form interactions are. This treasure hunt has got me hooked, though, so Twitter it is.

If you do feel so inclined, the time commitment is minimal - videos are a few seconds each, and the clan has it pretty organized so each person knows what to do when their number comes up.

The clan chain runs through June 15th, so if you did make an account just for this I would ask that you keep it live until at least the 16th.

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Sounds cool, but I'm not keen on making a video... But I will share it to powerhousecreatives who are usually pretty onboard with this!

Thank you for sharing!

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