- Downtime (Back online)

in #steemdev4 years ago (edited) is currently offline for an unknown reason. I've reached out to the hosting company to start resolving the matter and will update once it's back online.

Host is back online, sorry about the inconvenience!


This is bad news, some other websites rely on SteemDB. Hope it gets fixed early.

Thanks for the update. Keep up good work!

hmm this is good help

Thanks for the update man. Appreciated. We use SteemDB extensively.

thanks for the update man.

Thanks for the update. I was curious about why I couldn't open it

nice :) and i've vote you on witness voting @jesta
hey don't forget mind too ok, upvote it

Could someone please tell me how to get the "private posting key" for DTube ??

On, if you goto the "Wallet" page, there's a tab called "Permissions". From that page it'll show you 4 keys, and you can click the "Show Private Key" button next to the Posting key to retrieve it.