Garden of SteemFest dinner.

in #steemfest5 years ago

Walking in the garden of the venue for the final #steemfest meal. Beautiful place in scenic Lisbon with great food and amazing company. #zappl #travel #steem


glad to meet you in Lisbon, guys - even if the time was too short for such a crowd of people to talk to! ;)

Thanks. It was great to meet in person and say hellos, however brief!

After steemfest? Whats next!

Well, for me it will likely be finishing development of, continuing development of #steemswitch and blogging as usual in my own quirky and diverse ways.

Its new?

I will likely to check it out! was the steemfest hackathon project I just worked on during steemfest. Named by @hjkn. #steemswitch is the firefox add-on I made a few weeks ago.

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