STEEMFEST 4 TICKETING LIVE !!! What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok !!! (Win 1 of 10 Free Tickets)

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Steemfest 4 Ticket

Since the first @steemfest in Amsterdam, @roelandp and I have this ritual where I buy the first ticket for @steemfest

The ticket prices for @steemfest 4 are starting at 222 Euros for Minnows and go up to 888 Euro for Whales. Super excited ! Now please order your tickets!

Here is my post of the @steemfest 2

and @steemfest 3



Remember folks, this is Bangkok the city which you will be spending up to 7 nights with other amazing Steemians from all over the world. I am happy that this year many new Steemians will have the chance to join, as Asians could often not make the trip to Europe.

@roelandp put a lot efforts in organizing this @steemfest in Asia. He traveled all over South East Asia for 2 month before picking Bangkok, so please make sure that you support @steemfest by buying a high category ticket if you able to do so. Each ticket above a Minnow ticket will sponsor Free beers for the parties @steemfest, so lets buy some rounds YO!

paging: @kevinwong @timsaid @thisisbenbrick @fusan @blocktrades @lizanomadsoul + everybody I know !

And don't forget I am giving away a total of 10 Steemfest tickets for free. To enter and get a chance to win a ticket follow, Re-steem , upvote and leave a comment !

Are you coming to @steemfest this year ???

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とても楽しみです :)

I really really really want to go. like06.gif
Hope that I can win the free ticket that will help me to make the decision.

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That’s a cool gif


you received a ticket ! check your mail


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SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok - 6/7/8/9/10 November 2019

thanks for this Chance for Steemians to win 1 of 10 Steemfest tickets for SteemFest⁴! cheers 🤠
Maybe we see us in Bangkok!!
(resteemd, follow and upvotet)

Hallo, sobald Du ein Flugtickets hast, melde Dich gerne. ich stelle die Tickets nur fuer steemians mit gebuchten flug aus. damit keine tickets verfallen

I'm sure will be there ;) See you in Bangkok!

see you there ramengirl!

Yeah, I will attend again!
I hope to see those missing faces again~!

see you there !



need your email address

Discord 上で送りました!ありがとうございます😊

Hi knozaki2015

I'm already following you, upvoted and resteemed for more visibility 🙂

I'll throw my hat in the ring for a chance to win a ticket to steemfest 4 👍

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will add you to the list , stay tuned and follow my posts if you are eligble

Your enthusiasm and support is amazing! :D Thanks for giving away all of those tickets, I'm going to cross my fingers I'll win one out of those ten and fly all the way to Bangkok coming November \0/

You are so fast!
I’m still not sure if I can make it but if I win a ticket from you, I’ll go I think haba ^^

Would really love to be there, and winning a ticket would make it so much more possible!

Thank you for doing this :)

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Hey there! Nice, tickets are available!!! I would love to win a ticket!! ;) Already got my plane ticket and working on the steemitworldmap presentation together with the team and martibis ;) - I am so looking forward to the event! Are you gonna be at the after stay in Koh Chang as well?? If yes come join the group to align our travels and conquer the island all together ;)


Followed since long ago, resteemed, and now commented ;) check

will put you in the list for the selection

cool thanks :)

@knozaki2015, you're very generous :). Done resteem the post. Hopefully can win the steemfest 4 ticket then the rest can cover with steem. Thank you in advance, and I wish everyone good luck and hope to see you all at steemfest 4.

My Wife and I plan on attending, we really wanted to go last year, but Poland was just too far away.
My wife made a deal with me last year If I won the blocktrades steemfest poker tournament at lucksacks, I would be allowed to go myself. I didn't win, but I made it to the final table... so close.

I think it is amazing that you are giving away so many tickets, and doing it each year!
What a massive contribution to steemfest and the steem comunity, I hope my wife or I are lucky enough to win one, but if not... Congratulations to who ever does, and thank you @knozaki2015 for helping to make peoples steemfest dream a reality!

WooHoo! Go SteemFest!

I need me a free ticket!!!

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Can’t wait to meet you there. Have a great day

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Yess! Done! Its always worth a try to win a free ticket, hehe! Otherwise, we’ll do our best to make it to BKK anyway whatever it takes! 💪🏼 see you there!

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Hi!! thanks for the chance to win tickets this year! I've got my leave approved so hope we can catch up again in Bangkok this time!

Cool! Will be nice to see you again 😎

Awesome again! Winning a free ticket will probably determine if one or both of us will be there at steemfest4...

Hope I can win and get a ticket from you. 🙏🙏🙏

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Hi @knozaki2015 thank you so much for doing this and making it possible more peeps to go to SF4.

I am going and making all these plans and arrangements. Winning one of your tixs would be really helpful in making it there to Bangkok!

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Heard many a times, nothing is free and everything has certain cost to it. Let's see how the giveaways goes on to me...... Congratulation 👍 for the first ticket of the Steem grand event. 👌.....

Upvoted - Commented- Resteemed......Steem on!

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Wow didnt know the entry ticket is so expensive! How i wish i can earn a ticket!

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Hi @knozaki2015, I was already following. I resteemed and upvoted and here is the comment.

I am going to be in Bangkok for sure. I live in Malaysia now and need to leave at that time for my Visa purpose anyway. So Bangkok it is!

Like you, STEEM is my (more than) full time job for the last two years. I write minnow tips, so this is not too lucrative. I may be sitting out on the curb for the event, but I will be there. If I can win one of your tickets, this would really help me out.

Thank you for doing this contest for all of us who do not have the best finances, and I will see you there no matter what.

I think it is fantastic there are opportunities to win tickets to Steem Feast 4 and have all my fingers crossed I can win one of the 10 golden know you want to pick me!!


I'm off to write about this and spread the word on this amazing opportunity!

@knozaki2015, Without any doubt this is exciting news and in my opinion SteemFest is happening in Asia for first time and hope that this SteemFest will going to cross all the numbers when it comes to attendees. Stay blessed and keep up the great work.

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Lets give it a try and enter :D SF3 was epic, SF4 will be even more ;) See you there!

See you there again! 🤗

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Looking forward :)

I'm so excited about going to my first ever Steem Fest that I sort of forgot about how much the ticket would cost. I don't know why I think it was around 200 something USD 😢

Hopefully I can win a ticket. Thanks !!!

Same same 😅 excited to finally meet you ! 😘

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hello @knozaki2015! great initiative you did here! steemfest has always been an event i'm curious to join ever since i join steemit not 2 years ago. last year i regretted the decision of not joining as i saw the fun people had at the event. the coming together of different people from different parts of the world, getting to meet new friends and enjoying each other's company even for a few days is such an exciting concept for me. although partly the reason why i wasnt able to attend last year was because of budget constraints. this year though i made a promise to myself that i will attend this year's event with no excuses.

i already booked my flight 2 weeks ago, and even though i dont know where i can get the money for the accomodations and the ticket, i said to myself that i'll figure out a way for this. athough if steem price goes up, it would really help as im fully invested in this platform and i always buy steem every chance i get.

im going to end this comment now as this is getting really long haha im excited to see you guys at steemfest this year and steem on! see you in bangkok!

followed, resteemed, upvoted!

i have addet you to the list . you might get lucky

thanks! i really appreciate it man!

I followed and resteemed the first time you announced you were going to do this for SF4
Then it was for fun because who doesn’t like a freebie but now it is really real after I saw the ticket price 😅
I really want to be there and a free ticket will make it so possible
Or I will just stand outside the hotel entrance to catch you guys on your way in and out (kidding but now you know it has crossed my mind 🤦🏽‍♀️)

So throwing in my name again
Thank you for the chance 😊

I knew that ticket comes with a price and didn't think that price could be this much. Hope to get the tickets through giveaway. #feelinghopeful

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Hey @knozaki2015, thanks a lot for giving away tickets. It's a very altruistic action you are carrying out.

It would be nice for me to meet you there, but I am afraid that as I've said on my previous posts, I'm sa self employed musician who really can't afford such expenses.

Winning a ticket would be really the push I need. The flight will be sorted by somebody else for me, and the stay is almost settled. All I need is the ticket :)

Thanks a lot again


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Super generous of you!

Tasks complete. Three in a row will be tough for me this year but this could help!

Wow. That is an awesome chance.
I give it a try. Thank you.
More then a clear resteem :-)

moin moin! sobald du ein flugticket gibst bescheid bitte ! dann bekommst dein ticket. bzw. oder auch die haelfte vom preis. weil ich natuerlich den asiaten mehr helfen will weil die weniger finanzielle moeglichkeiten haben als die reichen europ.

Hallo mein Lieber, toll damit hab ich mal gar nicht gerechnet da ich äußerst selten etwas gewinne.
Ich spende das Ticket weiter an jemanden bei dem du sagst der hat es nötig oder verdient.
Im Idealfall an jemand der die Steem Blockchain weiter bringt :-)
Meinen herzlichsten Dank an Dich.

You are awesome! Super generous! Done task. If I can win a ticket, then I will use my SBD to cover most of my budget for accomodation and air ticket. Thank you in advance! And good luck to everyone including myself! 😀😁😆😉

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you are in the list !

Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu!

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Oh, this year I could really use a free ticket!! Fingers crossed :)
Thanks for doing this!!

I will put you on the list !


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Followed, Upvoted, Resteemed and now my comment.
I would love to go to Steemfest!
I have always wanted to go to Bangkok.
I am very curious about this city.
I hope yo win a ticket.
Thank you for holding this contest.

Oh I’m so excited to see this contest! It’s great that you are helping people to get to Steemfest. I’m crossing my fingers and entering as many contests as I can.

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Still haven't made it STEEMFEST yet, but with a FREE ticket I'm certainly going to make the effort. Good Luck everyone. And thanks @knozaki201 for your generosity.

Ah I missed this new one.. replied on the previous one though. Still find it great that you're doing this.. and keeping my fingers crossed!

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I really can only afford the plankton price... 😭

If I need to scrap up every savings I have.

The bad about staying and earning in South East Asia is that the expenses is still high compared to earning in Europe and spending in Thailand.

Fingers crossed with a free ticket.... If I can make it, this will be my very first Steemfest.

Upvoted, and resteemed.

Oh that's generous of you to sponsor 10 tickets. I'm curious and would like to go so I know what happens in Steemfests. 😁

If I win a ticket all I would need to pay for would be accommodation and flight tix. Mkay. Better than paying for all three. 😂