My wife, daughter and me...we are going to SteemFest²! Detail COSTS CASE STUDY inside, and... how to go to SteemFest² and spend 7 days in Lisbon for just 314 EUR

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Yeah! My wife Magdalena (@lenka), our 1.5-year old daughter Joanna and me - we are all going together to SteemFest²! Is it official? YES! We already bought all tickets and we made all necessary reservations :)

"I would also like to go, but this is so expensive..."

I talked with many people and I asked whether they will come, and few times those people said... that they cannot afford it :(

For sure, traveling to Lisbon from a certain location outside of Europe can be extremely expensive. But I think, that if you live in Europe, you should consider your travel and participation in SteemFest - something tells me, that it is going to be EPIC! :)

I do not travel very often, but I have already learned, that if you will make a proper research, you can cut costs of trip significantly.

Ok, so what are the costs?

Let's check what SteemFest website is telling about that:...

SteemFest ticket

Nope. Participation in SteemFest is not free. First, you might be surprised about that, but when you will realize, that in the price of a ticket you will get food&drink for all those days, then this doesn't look so expensive anymore or still does?

Well, there are 6-types of tickets:


About Ticket Types: We try to keep SteemFest as inclusive as possible. All ticket types are equal and give access to all events, lunches, dinners, drinks and activities. It's merely how much you want to support towards covering your attendance.

Because we are going with our daughter I wanted to be sure whether I also need to buy a ticket for her:


Knowing that overall cost of this trip still is going to be high, we decided to buy 2 tickets at € 222.22


Of course, you need some place to sleep between those events. On SteemFest website, there is information about Hotels which have a place for Steemians, but as far as I understand, you need to cover the cost of hotels on your own.

Suggested(?) hotels

In my opinion, this is a moment, when potential trip becomes really expensive:


Those prices are per night, per person. So, assuming that we would like to stay for 5 days (I really want to participate in hackathon!), for 2 adults (I am not sure, whether they charge extra for a small baby)... that would give € 810.

That would be way above our limit! :/ So, what we decided to do? We decided to look for alternatives :)

Accommodation for free? CouchSurfing!

Last year, I traveled (without my wife and daughter) to first Steem Hackathon in Oslo, Norway. Oslo is a really expensive city (I spent more on taxis than for airplanes - LOL). I was afraid that I will not afford it, but then... a friend of mine suggested me CouchSurfing service.

This is a service, which gathers people which could let you sleep on their "couch" FOR FREE! Very often (as it was in my case) you will get much more, like separate room :) Why people are doing that for free? My host says, that for him it is a good way to meet new interesting people :)

I need to admit, that CouchSurfing for me was an excellent choice, I slept in an apartment of a guy called Rafid:


I remember, that I spent hours talking with him about many interesting topics. He even created an account on Steemit - @rafidhoda :) he didn't posted yet, but still, it was awesome experience :)

I wanted to describe this service here very quickly because if you travel without children, I think this might be very good and cheap option for you. Of course, you need to find a good host in Lisbon, but I am pretty sure, that there are plenty very nice people there :)


Traveling with a small child is always difficult, and I already know that for us CouchSurfing would not be the best option. And also... finding a good place and a host which would like to share a room to a marriage with an infant, would be much more difficult.

This time we decided to choose an Airbnb. This is what I have found:


This is 4x cheaper!

Actually, this is not true. We paid €204 only because we decided to stay not 5 days... buy 7days, so it is actually 5.5x cheaper :)

But you may think, that this is a matter of location, right? No, not really. Location is still very good:

This is only 15 minutes away from a suggested hotel :)

If you would also like to use Airbnb, you can use my invite link, to register:

You will get €23 extra and I will get €12 for next trip :)

Airplane tickets

Ok, for many people airplane tickets will be the most expensive part of the whole journey. There are hundreds of service which help you find a flight, but personally, I really like polish BlueSky. Why is that?

Because I can select the whole country as a starting point or as a destination and a website will take into account all airports from that country - this gives a lot of options :)

Another very cool feature of this website is... a possibility of searching a flight within +/- 3 days range. First I have checked prices for a flight to Lisbon (one direction):


Then I realized, that by extending our staying in Portugal, we can make whole visit... cheaper :)


When I realized that Ryanair has direct flights between Wrocław and Lisbon, I decided to book round trip on their website:


Because we are traveling with a child, we decided to take one extra luggage (20kg). In theory, we could avoid costs of "Seats added", but then we could get seats in different areas of a plane, and I really want to flight next to my wife and daughter :) Priority boarding wasn't expensive, so this time I decided to take it as well. And... we need to park a car for a week next to airplane, fortunately, that also is not very expensive.

The total cost of airplane tickets, luggage, parking : €321.

Our total cost (2 adults + infant)

NameCost per person [PLN]Cost [PLN]Cost per person [EUR]Cost [EUR]
SteemFest tickets9581916222444
Airplane tickets WRO-LIS232.20464.4053106
Selected Seats WRO-LIS19.3438.684.59
Priority Boarding WRO-LIS122436
Airplane tickets LIS-WRO167.20334.403978
Selected Seats LIS-WRO19.3438.684.59
Priority Boarding LIS-WRO122436
Extra 20kg luggage WRO-LIS-105-24
Extra 20kg luggage LIS-WRO-105-24
Airport 1-week parking-65-15
TOTAL1420.083994.01~329 ~923

~ - price in EUR is rounded, because I paid in PLN

Of course, that is not all. Being there probably we will spend some additional money for uber from an airpoir (~10 EUR), some money for public transport, souvenirs, etc - but in general, I think our costs should not grow very much.

Theoretical minimum cost for 1 adult, traveling from Poland

I think it would be very nice to calculate what would be the cost, if someone would decide to travel with minimum costs, with minimum luggage (Ryanair gives 1 small luggage + hand back for free anyway, but we needed 1 more extra big luggage), without a parking on an airplane, with CouchSerfing instead of Airbnb.. Let's calculate:

NameCost per person [PLN]Cost per person [EUR]
SteemFest tickets958222
Airplane tickets WRO-LIS232.253
Airplane tickets LIS-WRO167.239

For someone from Poland 1357 PLN (or 314 EUR) for 7 days week vacations, 2800 km from home, with a possibility of meeting few hundreds most dedicated Steemians, in a beatiful Lisbon - I think it doesn't sound so expensive any more :)

I hope to see you on SteemFest! :)


Tickets to STEEMFEST sell for fiat €? Why no STEEM or SBD?

upvoted, followed and resteem it..

For my Polish friends:

Mam nadzieje, że Polska społeczność wybaczy mi użycie tagu #polish, pomimo faktu, że cały tekst jest po angielsku. Zrobiłem tak dlatego, że cała analiza kosztów jest właśnie przeprowadzona z perspektywy podróży z Polski (konkretnie z Wrocławia). Mam nadzieję, że zostanie mi to wybaczone :)

mimo wartościowego artykułu
miałem właśnie napisać komentarz z reprymendą za nadużycie tagu polish
ale widzę, że jest skrucha więc odpuściłem ;-) pierwszy i ostatni raz! ;-)

Oj, lepiej zacznij pisać artykuły, bo długo na Steemie zajmie ci zarobienie na pokrycie wydatków :D

haha zerknij na portfel noisy-ego - he is a big fish in the pound

@fervi chyba dobrze zdaje sobie jednak sprawę z mojej sytuacji ;) Od dwóch miesięcy jestem na swoim (zrezygnowałem z pracy), by móc się skupić na tworzeniu projektów dla społeczności Steem ;)

gratuluje i witam w klubie tych co sa na swoim ...

To może trzeba było wrzucić do tagu #Poland a w tagu #Polish zrobić tylko krótki wpis po polsku z linkiem do tego artykułu? Tak tylko myślę na głos (większość postów po angielsku, które się piętnuje za wrzucanie do taga #Polish w jakimś tam stopniu Polski dotyczą ;-).

Zazdroszczę podróży, miniwakacji i imprezy. Życzę żeby wszystko się Wam udało. I na wszelki wypadek: nie wiem czy słyszałeś, ale zdarza się ostatnio, że Ryanair odwołuje niektóre loty. Co prawda był to jakiś tam stosunkowo niewielki ułamek lotów i jeszcze mają trochę czasu do ogarnięcia tych tymczasowych problemów, ale uczulam Was na to - sprawdzajcie maile nawet w dniu wyjazdu.

Good luck and injoy everry moment

hopefully get to the goal with a healthy

You are right! When you're from an European country it doesn't have to be expensive! These are great tips and I will see you at Steemfest!!

Can't wait!

Wow this is good, wish you guys a good time.

hey, look forward to saying hello at steemfest 2! :)

I'll see you all there. I've gone for one of the suggested hotels, but then I'm travelling alone and I had enough Steem to cover it. It's going to be a great event

@noisy Well done for sticking at it! Love it. Followed..

See you there!

TBH, I think even if you do end up spending several hundred euro per person, you're still getting quite a lot for that money.

Although the two weekend days are "free days" with only one paid meal, so people will need to budget food, transit, entertainment for those days.

And while there will be lots of food paid for, even on the full event days you will probably need to pay for some meals for yourself, as last year. Drinks were free much of the time last year too, but not all the time.

Very cool break down!!
We bought our plane tickets last night!
Super excited that we will be making it out! It is a long journey from the States. To make it cheaper we searched on skyscanner to find our flights, then went directly to the airline that is providing the flight.
This took a few hours to sort out, but we saved a 200-300 each from what we thought we would be spending.

Couch surfing sounds like what we will be doing. ;)
Or maybe finding an air b&b to share with other steemit peeps would be a cool option!

See you guys at Steem Fest!!!

I wonder when my country going to have steemfest :(

@noisy thank you for sharing information

Well done at reducing you travel costs. I also booked a longer stay in order to get better prices for the planes.
I will be glad to meet you in Lisboa!

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Hi @noisy, great to see you're going to SteemFest, I live a bit too far away in Australia :( About SteemProjects, are you okay with me talking about my tool being listed in it in my next article, as well as a little bit about your webiste? My audience is primarily in CN so more people will know about your website.

Hey! Just came across your post :D

I couldn't agree more with this article. The trip can be as cheap and expensive as you'd like. I will give an extra shout out to @saramiller and @everlove who particularly caught my attention last year with their sustainable trip and arrangements!

Steemfest is completely worth it. I participated last year and will do so this year aswell. I had a blast last year, even though I was just a steemian of two months.

I am looking forward to meeting you. @pilcrow has already met you, but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet!

Also super cool that you're bringing your wife and kid. It's great that you're bringing a baby! Steemit Babies at the future! Maybe she can play with the kid of @roelandp if he's bringing his'. Haha!

This is insane. I had no clue you can make it this cheap!

great! and don't forget check @t-r-f which you can apply for to get some travel reimbursements. (Apply once in Lisbon btw).

Great, fantastic post @noisy. I really look forward to seeing you there and I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your travel and how it turns out.

Awesome, Glad you decided to come. Also good tips about cheapening travel costs, going to probably try to do couch surfing while I am there. See you at steemfest2! ^_^

Great to hear!, See you there! :)

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