SteemFest³ shout-out among Brutalism & Modern Art

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I've already shared my experiences along with photos of recent SteemFest as guest author at @wise-team profile, but I wanted to more personal shout-out for some of the people I've met. It will be accompanied with photos from I walk I took on Sunday afternoon, from Forum to MOCAK, so enjoy this brutalist architecture detail and some modern art that you can find in Kraków. Sunday 11th was a National Independence Day, hence the white-red runners that I've meet in between those places.


@nicniezgrublem @noisy @gtg @fervi - It was a pleasure to finally see you guys in person after all this months of interacting through Steem and Each of you is interesting on it's own and your fascination with Steem really contagious - I'm the best example of that, without you I wouldn't be so hyped about Steem. Also thanks for all the help I got from you during my first year on Steem!


@anshia - Your ironic attitude was really entertaining and fun and you are more outgoing than you think you are!



@lenka - I really enjoyed conversations with you and plotting about vegan dishes during dinners :)


@mynewlife @azes - You guys were a pleasant surprise - two polish men that are on Steem of which I did not have a clue! Visit our chat sometimes!




@remyhauxley - Your story is truly inspiring for me as a traveller and crypto freak. Awesome speech. Waiting for your documentary and expect a lot of questions from me! And your Polish is just exellent!




@perduta - It's always goot to get a little bit deeper in conversations on events like that with people you just met. I'd be glad to help you trying out some serious travelling - hit me up on that topic :) Thanks for feeding my cancer a bit and come by to #polish sometimes man!



@jblew - You are just a titan of work, I don't know how you do all of what you're doing and also share some serious medicine knowledge just like that. And all that with a smile on your face! Give me some of that energy bro! And you too - say hi at #polish sometimes!


@bubke - Man, I love freaks like you. That just grasp out of life what they can. That are searching and digging as deep as they can and trying to figure it out what the hell is happening in this reality! When you meet a soul which does that, you immiadatly recognize that spark in the eye. Who knows, maybe see you in India?




@guchtere @for91days @daveonarrival @soyrosa - Here's one of the joyest community on Steem! You guys were always smiling, what did you bring with you from the Netherlands, @guchtere? Next time I need to join you backstage :D. I hope we'll cooperate more in the nearest future, and I'd love to meet you somewhere on my trip around the world :) If you will be visiting Iceland in the coming months, let me know!



@jestemkioskiem - Good talks in the 89 Club and before, I think we share many views regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. You're ambitious and smart and that kind of people I like!


@ultranihilist - Очень приятно было познакомиться! Give those post-metal bands some time, they will grow on you :) Keeping an eye on!




@arcange - We had a short but very warm conversation. Your contest was such a cool idea! And I am taking you at your word regarding the special badge for meeting @steem-hikers (: I'll contact you before our departure in May 2019.





@detlev - I just wanted to tell you that you were an excellent anchorman - genuinely interested in presented topic. I was really impressed by that.


@travellit - Oh, true travellers and such a lovely couple! Wish we talked more, but I'm definately looking into your blog now and trying to incorporate what could be useful for my future world trip. See you on the path somewhere!


@joannewong - I hope Malaysian Steemians liked your live from SteemFest :) If your invitation valid, I hope I'll meet you again in your country lat 2019 / early 2020!


To all those who missed out - I'm sorry! I did not have a single bad interaction on SteemFest. This community must gather one of the nicest people on Earth. I enjoyed meeting you all a lot. Due to my travel I will probably not be able to come to the next SteemFest (unless it'd be somewhere in Asia), so I hope you will have fun next year. Thank you all!


It was a pleasure! Again, let us know if you need any help at all when planning your travels! See you on the road! ❤️

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@saunter we Dutchies always bring special stuff with us 😇. I already created the post about the special thing I brought to Krakow. Most people won't smile while eating it, but we do! 🤣

Hope to meet you soon again! Talking about smiling, you where one of the bridge builders I think during Steemfest. Connecting people together, like you did for the TF. Still gratefull (and smiling) for that!

And I am taking you at your word regarding the special badge for meeting @steem-hikers

I'm your man!

Nice pictures BTW

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What else can we do in great company ... SMILE! So happy you made it from Iceland! And a note on the side, I smile also when I'm not under the influence of @guchtere :)

Thanks for that nice words.

I love what I do and I like to do more of this.

It's funny, brutalism goes against most of my personal tastes in art and architecture but I have to appreciate the sheet audacity and intensity of it. I also love some of the art pieces you posted. Living in Korea makes me miss having access to beautiful art as you would find in Europe or the Americas. Sadly the art here tends to be trendy, typical and not presented beautifully at all. The architecture makes me want to cry. Maybe some day I'll start a blog a bit called #uglykoreanbuildings

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