Interesting Facts About License Plates in New Jersey!

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Are you always on the lookout for interesting things to share? I am, and here's what I saw on my last trip to New York City:


An MD plate?

What's up with that?

Can that Doctor get away with speeding and illegally parking?

Here's what I found, the positives and the negatives...


  • Your vehicle is now a high target for break-ins.
    Maybe you have prescription pads or valuables in your car.
  • Got in a car accident? Assume the attorney on the other side of the courtroom is going after the maximum dollar amount...
  • That vanity plate will cost you $50
  • If you're NOT an MD, and you get that vanity plate to pick up chicks, expect to be charged with fraud for lying on the application.


  • You apparently have a better chance of getting out of a speeding ticket, especially if you work in an emergency department. There's an unwritten code between nurses, doctors, and police officers: If a cop goes into the hospital, they often get put at the front of the line by the nurses and doctors... One hand washes the other, as the saying goes.
  • There are dedicated MD parking spaces at most hospitals; if you have the plates, you get to partake.
  • You get an extra shine to add to the $75,000 penis you're displaying en flagrante to the public at large.


Neat stuff to share about neat things I've seen in my travels.

I'm looking forward to sharing a ton of cool stuff I learned at Steemfest 3, and here's one thing I learned after getting my credit card statement:

Poland 🇵🇱 is a VERY economical place to visit!

One of my Uber rides, after being converted into US dollars, was only $3.15 (!)

So much to share...

Dining deep underground in a salt mine, visiting Auschwitz, eating interesting foods...

Thanks for reading!

@scan0017 😘


Interesting 🤔... I guess it's one way to take advantage of your title.

Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's stalling posting about Steemfest...It just keeps the feeling going so much longer. And then, before we know it, we're on an island in Malaysia, on a beach with hundreds of Steemians again...😉

That would be nice...
I must say I'm loving all these European trips to countries I otherwise probably wouldn't visit; keeping it cheap, maybe next year will be Greece?

Yeah, for me, either place will do, and Greece sounds nice. Especially the weather. But I've heard someone say they spoke to Roeland and he said that it definitely won't be in Europe next year. The US would be even harder for some I'd say than Europe when it comes to visa, so looking at the number of users here on Steemit, Asia seems a logical choice.

I've co-organized a weekend full moon party once when I was living in Singapore, and this was on an island in Malaysia....It was awesome. We rented the whole island. I was talking to bitrocker, and he had the same idea! So we'll throw some hints....Now just need to start saving for that right NOW. :)

There many more things on Jersey plates then just the MD ones. Being from Jersey.......glad you had a good time st Steemfest.

I've got to get on posting some silver content, especially while the price is so low...

I went to Auschwitz a long time ago. I get chills every time I think about it. Creepy ass place.

Isn't there a movie about this...?
I think it's called "Idiocracy" 😉