Mario Kart Super Circuit: [Rainbow Road SNES]

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Heyoo, I found some Mario kart Super Circuit gameplay on my computer. I play as one of the hardest characters on the hardest race track in the game. Because of this, the original rainbow road had no guard rails, and if you end up not drifting the right way, you'll fall to your death. Also the music is killer and pretty catchy. I'll probably start uploading more Gameboy Advance games that I use to play back in the day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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The OG Koopa king

Death stare


Programs used:
After Effects CS6

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childhood recovered in 3 ... 2 .... 1 hahaha that great, there is nothing better than playing Mario Kart I love that game

Yeeeees, I like the old sprite mario kart games. It really does hit home @luislopezpk.