CEEK Advanced 4D Headphones - World First 4D 360 Audio Headphones with Gesture Control

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CEEK Advanced 4D Headphones

World First 4D 360 Audio Headphones with Gesture Control



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Today I want to present a device that combines the best of music with the best of VR technology, as it will allow us to reproduce music immersive with the same IMAX quality that lets us feel the music as never before through interactive reactions that go hand by hand with what we see. This gadget will also let us control the music and sound of all the content we play using simple gestures, gestures that we can also configure to be basic commands in our games and VR applications.




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I love the design and technology, but $254.95 looks a bit high to me, otherwise I would have ordered one right away :)

Hey @anomalogy cool thing for gamers and comes with great design support high-quality music price seems bit high but good hunt

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Oh wow, can just use your gestures to adjust everything. The best part is you will get eargasm easily with the 4D sounds technology. Impressive! Nice hunt

Very nice! Great features with a great sleek look to them. I can't say that I'd ever spend $250 on a set of headphones but I'll bet if one did they'd know why after using them?!


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