Introducting quantadex - Community-Driven Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Introducting quantadex

Community-Driven Decentralized Crypto Exchange






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Introducing quantadex, Community-Driven Decentralized Crypto Exchange. More than 250,000 have joined already.


The matching algorithm is built directly into the blockchain. We leverage the best of class algorithm, Byzatine Fault consensus (BFT), and enhance with “sharded” techniques specifically to enhance the user experience for trading cryptocurrencies.


Users retain custody of their BIP-38 password encrypted private key. Internal data systems are secured with triple encryption (data, application, and transmission). The systems are protected by fast AI-driven detect and response system, and adversarial intent modeling.

you must use email to register it, and also here you can memvote tokens according to your wishes, please join and good luck.



Hunter: @gilangarif131294

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