Perfect Drink Pro - Helps you make any perfect cocktails you want

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Perfect Drink Pro

Helps you make any perfect cocktail you want


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Hunter's comment

Perfect drink will help you making the great cocktails in no time.

How does it work?

Perfect drink is a scale and app bundle with huge number of receipts.
Once you choose which one you like, you can start making one by using the electric scale and it will let you know how much you need to use and how long you have to shake or mix it.



Hunter: @onegadgetaday

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Hi @onegadgetaday,

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Thank you :)

Awww now I can prepare Margaritas and pinha coladas in no time! Feeling like Tom Cruise already. Drunk Hunto!

I like both making and drinking cocktails. Perfect Drink Pro will be very useful. Thanks for sharing.

A hrequent helper for the perfect drink. Once you have decided which one you prefer, you can start making one using the electrical scale. Any kind of information will be given to you automatically.

Great hunt @onegadgetaday This invention would be a great help when making the perfect cocktail drinks. Making cocktail would be as easy as ABC..

Perfect Drink Pro is great to make cocktails whichever you like. Thanks for sharing.

Now, making cocktails is no more a problem. Because you can make it perfectly with this one. I really do think this is a really good hunt. Thanks for the hunt

Thank you :)

Nice hunt @onegadgetaday!

This looks like a really great and useful invention of which I would love to have in my home for those nights of entertaining my friends and I would love to see their faces when I show them how I mixed my perfect cocktails. They would all love to have a go, I'm sure!

I could see this being extremely useful in any bar too, as you would no longer need that old book to look up the drink you wish to create. Why do that when you can find your desired drink just by finding in the app much faster?

You can't even get the cocktail wrong as if you accidently overpour something, it will recalculate the other ingredients required to make it the perfect mix.

It even tells you how long to shake or stir it for that perfect coolness too.
The Perfect Drink Pro would be welcomed by any bartender!


I was making cocktails for a while. Such products have always been a great help. For this reason I like this product. A beautiful hunt.

Lol. I would love to have this as I can use it to make the perfect cocktail for myself and drinking buddies. Good hunt!

Nice Hunt friend! An easy way of making the cocktails with this electric scale which will show you the scale of things you needs for making. Nice hunt you shared Good luck with your hunt keep hunting on


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