would you pleas mind to answer people like this who somehow are still beliving in you and are asking desperately for the little money that was all they have, and they trusted in your promises?

see? he is not even requiring the APR you promise THEY ARE JUST BEGGING FOR THEIR OWN SMALL AMOUNT MONEY!

You will have to deal with the whales payments you own too, but while 10, 20 or even 50k $ may me just a small change for a whale, those little 400, 300, 28 $ are everything those minnions have.

Stop fucking transfer to Poloniex and start to reply and pay those small minnions if you wanna start have at least some community respect back!

Man, I can really believe this situation is just result of some sequence of bad decisions instead of being intentionally projected to be a scam, That sounds even logical to me. Anyone with a glimpse of knowledge about how blockchain and steemit work, surely know that a scam wont last long and the retaliation from the whole community for it would be something really brutal.

But all of this 'can believe' of mine ends when you just blame and acuse dang of being the one who bought and instaintly corrupted bellyrub and the others projects linked to it.

I know dang and trust in his word... That doesn't mean I'll blindly defend him in any situations, but you are making a a serious charge against him, all I'm asking (and it is not only me, I've seen dozen of person requesting the same thing at your posts, discord channels, just everywhere) is for you to show any proof that support what you say about dang have bought bellyrub from you.

If you really do not own @bellyrub having sold it to dang, why don't you just show a print of your chatting with him or anything that can support what are you talking? up now you are just doing like the dirt politicians here in my country when are completely cough on video and audio record, stealing everyone and when he comes up to the news he just say, that all the evidences are false. or that it simple wasn't him trying to blame others for their own actions.

seriously why are you running away when people asks for any proof about what you are saying ?
you have sold bellyrub over a phone call and refused any kind of paymet for it so now you are afraid to admit you have no proof to support this version ?

Seriously ?
erasing your comments now ?

cmon man you are just making your situation looks worse acting like this ...