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On this day I will discuss about shooting for video, more precisely angel video.

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Shotting is the process of shooting in making a video or movie. Included in the production process requires Preparation, Knowledge, and Skill in the conduct of shoting.
One is to know the shot technique itself in the video.
The following will explain some common shot techniques used in making a video / movie.

Knowledge of this shooting technique is actually to determine how the shot will be made, as well as the impression it embodies.

To distinguish between one shot and the other shot, this shooting technique is divided into two categories: viewed from the Image Taking Angle, and the Image Size that will be explained in the explanation below.

Angle Taking a Picture (Camera Angle)

  • Frog Eye *
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Shooting technique with the height of the camera parallel to the base (base) position of the object or with a lower altitude than the base (base) position of the object.

With this technique produced a great view of the object. Usually there is a perspective distortion in the form of reduction of the size of the subject, resulting in an impression of arrogance, majesty, and robustness.

  • Low Angle *
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    Take the angle from the bottom of the object so that the impression of the object so enlarged.

  • Eye Level *
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The angle of shooting is parallel to the object. The result shows the catch of a standing eye view or the eyes of someone who has the height of the body exactly the same height with the object. Often called normal shot.

  • High Angle *
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Taking angle from above object so that impression object become smaller. In addition, this shooting technique has a dramatic impression, namely the impression of dwarf.

  • Bird Eye *
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The shooting technique by the cameraman with the camera height above the height of the recorded object. The results of this technique recording show such a vast environment with other objects that appear below so small.

  • Slanted *
    ! [image] ()

This type of shot is a recording with no frontal angle from the front or frontal of the side of the object, but from the 45 'angle of the object, so that the other objects come into the frame of record.

  • Over Shoulder Shot *

this is a close-up version of the slanted shot so it looks as if another object is shot from the shoulder of the main object.

Image Size

Once viewed from the Angle Taking Figure aspect, next is the image size.
This image size is certainly associated with the purpose of shooting, as well as showing the level of emotion, situation, and condition of the image object. Some types of shooting techniques based on image size include:

  • Extreme Close Up *

Shooting very close once, until the skin pores were visible. Show details of an object clearly.

  • Big Close Up *


Shooting from head to chin of object. Highlights an object to cause a certain expression.

  • Close Up *

Shooting from the top right of the head to the bottom of the neck. To give a clear picture of the object.

  • Medium Close Up *

Image size is limited to head to chest. To assert a person's profile.

  • Medium Shot *

Image size is limited to head to waist. Aims to show the person's figure.

  • Full Shot *

Full shooting from head to foot. Shows the object as a whole.

  • Long Shot *

Capturing over full shot. Shows an object against its background.

  • One Shot *

Shooting of an object. Showing someone in in frame.

  • Two Shot *

Shooting of two objects. Usually shows a scene of two people talking.

  • Group Shot *

Shooting a group of people. For example there are scenes troops are marching or other.

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