It runs in the blood | ARTWORK POST #2

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

Hey steemians! It has been so long since I have posted something here on Steemit and its because I have been very, very busy during my summer break because I spent my whole summer working so I would have an emergency money. But so much about what happened and now you must be wondering what is up with my title!

So recently my father have been asking me questions about sketching and about how I was able to make it come out of me as if born a natural artist.

Now this is actually a funny story (or maybe just for me). Never have I imagined that being an artist is actually something within me until I was 15. It all started because of a 6B graphite pencil that was owned by my cousin who was in college at that time and was taking up Drafting. I was watching her making outlines of buildings and then I was bored at the moment so I borrowed her 6B pencil and then that was when my art life has started. I started making portrait sketches but of course like anyone who starts to do something, it doesn't come out really amusing and not everybody was impressed by that even my family but that didn't stop me or discouraged me even just a little because I knew in myself that I wanted to do this! And I always believe that there is always room for progress.

So going back to my father, after asking questions like how I was able to learn to sketch, he told me if I could teach him just a little bit and I told him that it would be very hard for me to teach him since nobody taught me how to but still I taught him the little things I know.

He then started to borrow my pencils, my ruler and my paper. And then the moment I arrived home, he proudly showed me his artworks. These are his artworks:

I don't know if you would be able to recognize him but this is Manny Pacquiao. My father's style of sketching is kind of different from mine becaue he wasn't able to sketch for such a long time and he even forgot to erase the gridlines

And this is Lebron James and this time he did erase the gridlines outside but still forgot to erase those that are in Lebron's face

Knowing that my father is also an artist kind of inspired me actually. It made me feel more excited about making more artworks! And I must say that when I'm sketching, or doing anything related to arts, all my worries kind of disappears and make me feel more calm!