How I Learned to Steemit: a Redfish (Newbie) Guide

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Good morning beautiful people! Haha it's morning here anyway. 😁😁

So I wrote this 4 months ago and I will only post this now. I've been here for 232 days, since Nov 29, 2017. That's about 7 months with 5 or so months of really being active.

I have here some kinda old links that I found helpful when I was new. You can also search for other posts if you'd like. Also have some helpful tips here for the new Steemit members. If you're from the Philippines there's a cashout app we can all use too.

So first things first, if you are very new here like I was, pls be aware that you should read the FAQ section and then you can search for articles to know how the site works. Or if you're lucky to find a mentor (like @pinay, Plugging to the max na'to. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) who is patient and really helpful then go ahead and ask them how this site works.

Newbies are called redfish and not so new newbies are called minnows here. I'm still a redfish even after 7 months because I have less than 500 Steem Power (SP). My only advice for the very new members is to read read read. Study how Steemit works and you'll be better than me and earning more in no time. πŸ˜‚ Even if your head hurts or your nose bleeds (oh believe me it will happen figuratively) from all that you read and watch, I know you can eventually get it. I'm sure!!! πŸ˜‰ Just believe in yourself.

To help fellow clueless redfishes out, there's only three basic things you need to know before anything else: How to Post, How to Use Steemit, and How to Cash Out.

1 How to Post

When posting and creating an article for the first time, you may not be familiar how to style it the usual way. You can post anything without making the text bold, underlined or italicized but of course if you're used to using them this is where you can read more on it:

Steemit Markdown Tutorials for Beginners: A Compilation of my written Guides to Help you Edit your Posts via Raw Editor like a Pro; Markdown & HTML Codes

Or use, like I do, for a bit more user-friendliness. Hehe.

2 How to Use Steemit

Here's a post with lots of Steemit video tutorials.

60 Steem Video Tutorials For Beginners - The Grand Steemy Collection

After reading or watching all that, make sure to know how to power up as well.

Buying STEEM and Powering Up

And this is how you earn on Steemit:

How Does Juan Steemian Earn? Let Me Tell You of 6 Ways...

The next or main question you should know the answer to is this one: How do I get my earnings here?

3 How to cash out

The Old Way I Used As a Newbie

Okay, so let's say you've finally learned and earned enough to be able to cash out that Steem/SBD cryptocurrency. Now what? Oh there are a lot of ways to cash out depending on how you'd like to do it. The easiest would be like this:

Steemit ➑ Blocktrades ➑ Cryptowallet of your choice

This means you will be doing the following:

Steem Dollars (SBD) / STEEM ➑ Bitcoin or other Altcoin ➑ Cash (Fiat money)

However for my first few cashout process, I did it like this:

Steemit ➑ Blocktrades ➑ Coinpot ➑ Coinsph ➑ Bank acct

SBD ➑ Doge ➑ BTC ➑ PHP

Why do it this way? Because I saved on fees but it takes up to max 48 hours to get it. Lol. I got my first cashout in 16 hrs.

The New Cashout Method I Use

Steemit ➑ Blocktrades ➑ Coinsph ➑ Bank acct


This is definitely a shorter and faster method now that CoinsPH has finally added BCH in their wallet. Hurray! The Blocktrades fee is low as well so I just use it directly. No more Coinpot or Doge. But if you're outside the PH, you can use if you don't have any other BCH/BCC wallet.

If you are in the Philippines, download the app or use your computer to sign up to Coins.PH using my code VKAYSM.

Why? Because you and I will get P50 each after you get verified. If you click the links here you will see my name at the sign up page and that I invited you.

If you don't want to use the links, use my referral code VKAYSM when signing up or creating an account. You and I will get P50 after you get ID verified. Sayang din yun uy. Pang-load din yan. Haha.

Use VKAYSM or just click the CoinsPH links here to sign up.

You can use CoinsPH to buy load, pay bills, send money or get paid. 😁 Very easy to use.

There are a lot more things to learn on Steemit but start with these first so you will find your way around here.


For my art, writings and other posts, feel free to check my blog page.


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Image from Pixabay and screenshot of CoinsPH.

All rights reserved.
Written by @artgirl for Steemit.
Β© Art x Stephanie Rue

@artgirl is a freelance artist and also an online seller. For art and writing commissions, feel free to contact me.
You can chat me up on or send me a Facebook message. Link in my bio.


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Nice post

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Well done I learned a few things thanks!

Alright. You're welcome. 😁

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thanks a lot,
your post really helps a newbie like me. I have to go through all the link which you have shared above.

You're welcome. :) Hehe.

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Amazing work. I am glad I found you and your posts. Thank you for doing hardwork.

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Ok, you're welcome.

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ok sinave ko na for future reference. haha


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