Art Word of the Day: Logan medal of the arts

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Term: Logan medal of the arts

Definition: Named for Jsephine Hancock Logan,

founder of the Society for Sanity in Art, it is awarded to exhibiting members of the Society of Western Art, a branch of the SSA, in recognition for quality of realist art. Source: Wikipedia

Art Word of the Day

Every day I make an attempt to add a little bit more art knowledge to the Internet, one word at a time. Realizing there aren’t many comprehensive and complete online art dictionaries, I set out on a mission to compile my own.

Perhaps you've noticed that this post has been downvoted/blacklisted and you're wondering why?

@justinsunsteemit if you'd like to understand why Steemit is failing and how you can help:

You can take a valuable lesson from this. Democracy solves the problem of tyranny, and Steemit whales are tyrants. Let me introduce you to @themarkymark. He is a whale. He does not like my "Word of the day" nor a lot of other content on Steemit. He prides himself in having created a "Global Blacklist" to list "inappropriate content and spam", which of course, he gets to define. He has a lot of negative opinions about my dictionary and my posts and so he downvotes my content. Or as it seems, I am now on his "blacklist", which has been fully integrated into the Steemit platform. A REALLY bad idea. Nobody appointed him, and although he was "voted" as witness, the witness votes, just like the upvotes are weighted and the whales all give each other witness votes to keep each other in power. A whale like @themarkymark has full power to censor anyone on the blockchain, at his sole discretion, like a dictator. Whales create their own rules and have had their own mafia-like downvote wars throughout the history of Steemit. The whales are the problem. Downvoting is a problem. And blacklists are not a solution, unless you want it to be the "final solution". Whales are unethical, as all whales are, and it would serve Steemit best if it took some notes from Democracy.

My only method to combat the downvotes is to spam

Ironically enough I only posted twice a day until I started getting downvoted. Now I automatically post up to 4 times an hour in hopes to get this message out. If the downvotes stop and I'm removed from the blacklist I will gladly go back to posting twice a day. Ideally the blacklist should be removed altogether, but considering the number of TERRIBLE ideas that have been put forward by Steemit Inc. recently, I sincerely doubt much will be done.

Don't like themarkymark either?

Unvote themarkymark for witness here

"I've never seen anyone leave such a long trail of blazing dumpster fires. I now believe the wreckless downvoting and blacklisting of thousands of accounts by themarkymark et al is the SOLE reason the price of Steem continues to fall. I didn't even make the photo for this post. That's right, I found it online. Fucking amazing."

Look at all these complaints from people all over the Internet

Most of these are written OFF of Steemit so as to avoid being downvoted and hidden. Amazing. So much for this "censorship-free blockchain".

themarkymark Hey. Sorry about your shit coin...

Groups of people and a top witness (themarkymark) are trying to dive me off of steem/steemit by harassing me

Getting blacklisted (by themarkymark) becomes expensive on Steem

themarkymark & Berniesanders Responsible For Altcoin Collapse?

Is TheMarkyMark Abusing The Steemit Blockchain?

Listen as themarkymark evades questions about his identity and gives up his real motives

The Arrogant "themarkymark"

Dedicated to that unknown mystery douche: themarkymark

@themarkymark Stole Thousands Of $$ From Me

My Letter to @themarkymark - in response to his continual flagging of my account

Harassment and Censorship by themarkymark continues. Now flagging everything I post for no reason

Crooket @themarkymark

@themarkymark, another fake account that flags without reason, like the berniesanders whales circle jerk

Another example of censorhsip on steemit. Witness (themarkymark) downvotes truth about his actions.

Big Thanks For ThemarkyMark, Anyx, Patrice and Others Who Helped Ruin Steemit

Open letter to those who provide Red Flag with downvotes

My Post About Asian Countries Being the Largest Ocean Polluters Was Downvoted By Badcontent. WHY?

I Got Downvoted!?! It's Not Fair! Can You Help Me???

More THIEVES (themarkymark) on Steem Blockchain? Be careful with bidbots...




The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

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