The story of me # Introducing myself

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Hi steemers,

When I first started here, I thought that this is a great opportunity to fix my life, but i did not put all it takes here. Well I did but I did it the wrong way. I thought that creating content here would be enough for me to make a living, but what I was doing wrong, was that I wasn't connecting with you guys.

I mean why would you, you have way better articles here than mine, even if mine are good there is no need to give your attention to me when you have like thousands of similar quality posts here. Well here I go, the point is that I really do need money. I am a 22 year old guy that took care of my family since I was 13, I am not complaining for doing that because I can still do it.

All I want is to have a bit of financial security for myself. Don't take this as me begging for you giving me money please. All I am asking from you is to give me more attention and time to time to give me an upvote when you see something you like.

I would like you steemers to help me send this message throughout steem so more people can see this post, please show your philanthropic spirit to me as I have seen you did this with many others. I believe in your good intentions and that you will help me.

I am not asking for your money, just to give me a chance and I am not begging I am just opening up to you.

I do believe in you.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.


Best of luck to you @eltooni.

OMG, I am speechless right now. I don't even know how to thank you for that 😭.

@nextgencrypto great. Thanks for commenting here. I saw your name @randowhale :) for SP delegation

And they say you're the devil.

@nextgencrypto sir if i am not wrong you are one among the whales, but why is that you are not that active on steemit? I mean we don't get to see any blogs from you. We would love to see you more..

Amazing that you help this kiddo :) honest and nice!

hey dear
i say you best of luck your steemit journey and have a good day and life..
may ALLAH bless you.

Sir...I am also a newcomer....what should I do ? I need some urgent financial that I am trying...please help me to find out the way...anyone of you can suggest me something

A good experience.
Good friend's postiangan. success

Hi there! That's a brave story and I encourage you to do it also in future - be honest, be nice and steemit will love you. @lavitaebella

I wish you the best!

Welcome and good luck! @jbcoin

All the best to you! I hope Steemit will help you achieve just this in the long run!

Everyone can add value. Believe in yourself.

I wish you all the best here at Steemit. When engaging and creating quality posts, I'm sure you will find some interesting rewards. I gave you some by upvote this post of yours. Enjoy Steeming!

Keep going brother :) may God be with you always @eltooni

Hello, Best of luck!
Hope you will follow back and grant me with upvotes :)

Wish you lock, hope you follow me too

Welcome @eltooni hope that you enjoy much success on Steemit!

Thank you for your vote and concern about my @steemitjp I followed you. I do my best to boost steemit Japan as frontier. I am agree on Also I need to communicate with another people to build up more reliable relationship.Have a Great Day to you and your family. From David

Keep pushing man. You never know.

It is a bit encouraging a lot of the time and I feel the same way. I'm in the same situation, I too would love to provide the best I can for my family and hopefully one day beable to work hard enough to become successful on steemit. Good luck. Never give up!

Hi there @eltooni
I do know how you feel.
I had the same life quality and i'd also took care for my family (Before i got married)
I Wish I can help you more but except of upvote and resttem this post i cant do nothing more.
I Wish you all the best, Really.

Connected to you... I'm from South America trying to live outside to have a chance. Hope you remember me!!! Cheers!

Hello there. I loved your intro and I am working on mine. I am still trying to figure this out while still managing life, work and kids.

I am following you and trust me I liked this post. Real feeling expressed properly

Great go ahead @eltooni and thnx to @nextgencrypto