Writing is just not for me? 🤔

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I asked him, "What do you think I should write on today?"
His reply, "I am not like you. I do not know how to write stuffs".
His reply got me thinking. So many people actually do go around with the notion that they are not writers.
Some of the questions that usually bug them are...

Is writing meant for just a specific set of people?

Writing is a skill, I agree. But putting your thoughts into words is not an action meant for a specific set of people. Everyone has thoughts. Turning them into words should not be something impossible (unless you do not know how to read and write). Hence should not be perceived as an impossible task. Besides, writing is not like other skills such as singing.

I do not care what they say. Some of us are not just meant to sing 😥.

Writing involves just putting down those thoughts that go through your mind.

How do you just go about writing things down?

To me, it is like writing examinations. You read, form thoughts about what you have studied and then pour those thoughts out on the examination script. Now, that is not so hard is it? Everyone, at some point do have to write exams right?

But when I read other people's work, it looks so nice and I do not think I can create something like that.

I can probably agree that, for some people, writing comes naturally. Probably because of the love for it. But that does not mean anyone cannot do it. It might not come out well formed at first, but then, with continuous practice and conscious efforts to improve, you find out you start creating master pieces, you would not have thought you were capable of writing in the first place.

But why does it have to be so hard?

Writing is only hard if you think of it as a task. Trust me, thinking about 'it' is the mother of all writer's block. When you think about it as an ordeal, the words do not flow, ask any writer.

But, with all these wonderful posts I see, how can I compete with that?

Everyone has their own writing style. There is actually no perfect style to follow. It is just like painting. A piece might look pointless and meaningless to someone but would be worth millions to another. Point is, as long as it comprehensible, it would be appreciated by someone.

But I tried it one time, and it did not work out

It does not work out for anyone the first time. This is because according to a friend of mine, we are our worst critics. This means, we might have written something nice, and we might feel it is totally crap and dispose it. But then, some other person picks it up and find it totally interesting.
For example, I remember the first article I wrote, it was a short story. I was so convinced it was wack, and it remained in my laptop -hidden. But then, someone stumbled on it and was wowed by it. He made me finish the whole story and loved every episode of it.
The point is, that little write-up you think is not all that, or you are just shy to show someone might just be a wonderful piece of work that could make someone's time worthwhile.

In conclusion, I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that writing is not rocket science and can be done by everyone.
Thanks for reading.


You are right @fejiro. Writing is like any muscle the longer you train it ,the better it becomes.Plus everyone 's writing like our own individual handwriting is unique what matters is that it's intelligible and easily understood.

I'm not the best writer but I really don't know how come....
I never have writer's block....

I think it's just fixing your thoughts on doing it and actually doing it

Dunno though...

It can actually be done by everyone
Thanks for sharing

I envy you dear


Writing isn't for everyone

But some people are simply better than others.

It's like singing. Everyone can sing. You simply enjoy some voices more than other.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't sing.

Do what makes you happy. Singing, writing, anything

Yeah... I get your point

I agree with you, anyone can write, just find a way to express your emotions in words however you can

Exactly... Thanks