Press Coverage of #1 India Steemit Accelerator in Top Indian News Publications!

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My first steemit accelerator program and Steem crypto meetup received some excellent coverage from select media outlets in India. Let me share the coverage details and a little information about 5 news publications that published the press release!

I'm funding these initiatives through the earnings on my blogs on Steemit so I thank you for your support and attention to my work!

I brought my friend @wolkpack-raj on board to assist me with drafting the press release, and contact news publications for it's dissemination. We built a strategy and pushed it within 3 days of the event. We both have some prior experience and contacts in media and his assistance contributed greatly towards bringing some much needed limelight to Steemit in these news publications.

Remember, this is just the start of many exciting things to come. So let's get down to business.

1. The New Indian Express

Started in the 1930s, it is one of the top news paper publications in the country reaching countless households in India through it's newspaper and digital format. The New Indian Express and Indian Express today are two separate entities, but originally belonged to the same group that founded both!

In my small coastal city of Mangalore, the daily edition reaches nearly 10000 households everyday. The coverage was on the Page 3 of the local edition, which frankly is a big deal!

It felt great to have my childhood friend call me and inform that he saw my event in the newspaper that his family reads everyday for the past 3 decades! I left right away to his house and brought home his copy of the newspaper!

Alexa report for this publication!

I hope to get a future event covered in the Indian Express which has the following reach!

Link to Story:

2. Bangalore Mirror (The Times Group)

It was incredible to see the story on Bangalore Mirror's online edition. It is part of the website and you see it's ranking below. This story was covered in their newspaper + online edition. Since it was run in their Bangalore edition I haven't been able to source a copy. But the online link is here.

The times group is one of the biggest news media house in the country! Check out their wiki page for more info!

Link to story:

3. News Karnataka

One of the biggest names in digital news coverage emerging from coastal Karnataka and a highly reputed publication that I've had the pleasure of associating in the past. I've been a consultant for editorial content for their publications (digital + Monthly Magazine) in 2016 and helped them revamp their Magazine publication completely.

It was great to see the story published here.

Link to Story:

They had also published my piece on back in October, 2016.

A lot has changed since then for Steemit and I hope to write about Steemit again in other publications soon enough.

Link to Story:

4. Daily Hunt

Another popular daily news portal covered the story. I was pretty excited to see them support my initiative!

Alexa rating for Dailyhunt:

Link to Story:

5. Coastal Digest

A relatively smaller publication compared to the ones above, but it's target audience is largely people from coastal Karnataka (my state, located in Southern India) and NRI's from this region.

Link to Story:

So these are the exciting results from the very first Steemit Accelerator held in the country to help recruit new users, influencers, educate people on using the platform and increase retention of quality users from India.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the results of my experimental campaign to take Steemit to the next level!

The next event will be at the IT Capital of India at Bangalore city so stay tuned to my updates!

If you like my work, please share my posts and follow my blog to support me. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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Wow, You are spreading steemit faster in India than anyone else in the world in their country.
No wonder how there are daily 5-7 new faces in #india.
It is because of your efforts that so many Indians are joining this platform and that too at such a rate even if it is in beta mode.
Hope you keep going at the same rate and keep doing events in some big cities so that millions of online addicted Indian youths join steemit and make this platform biggest and best in this world.

The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills ae crypto's :

Hi @looftee
Awesome post and your comments are also awesome!

Thank you for sharing I just followed you and upvoting your post. I look 👀 forward to watching you become a great success here on Steemit🤓🙌🏾, re-Steem this post below on your page for a chance to win 100 Steem dollars , it will also help you earn the most out of steemit


@looftee thank you so much bro for your support. I figured someone needs to do this to help spread the word. :) Hopefully I can get more people to join the platform as we go!

Sure, you are doing great.

BTW a few people in this and your recent post replied to my comment thinking I have made that post. Getting some benefits of commenting on your posts now.

India have big population they can bring this steem too far

It's really awesome to see how Steemit is blown up in India, your work is very much appreciated!

Thank you very much. Glad to be part of this taking it to the next level. :)

All the balloons flying in the air, and India loosing day by day, i hope they will catch latter

Hello @firepower am also from INDIA from jammu and kashmir and yes @steemit is the new trend here .in kashmir we have a large steemit community who had been using it for months although am a few weeks old here and am really really enjoying it here..
The funny part is my day used to start with whatsapp and facebook no it turned turtle and the ist thing i check every morning now is steemit.. has anyone followed me? Do i have any upvotes during the night time? And all that...
I find it intresting and its growing fast and guys are going crazy for steemit..
P.s if u want to follow me its here @naseerbhat

Thank you

And am already following you @firepower

Thank you

Hi naseer! Me too ;)

then let us follow each other and upvote the posts @kskarthik

Done ! Followed you!

@firepower, this is the best thing to have happened to streemit in India. Awesome coverage. Thanks to your efforts streemit is set to explode in India.

All credits to you. And my gratitude to you.

Expecting the new deluge of talented Indians into streemit. Well done sir. This is going to be much more interesting here on.. 😊👌

Thank you so much @topdog!

Great post. I am a beauty YouTuber making videos catering to an Indian audience (I make videos in English, Punjabi and Hindi) so it's great to see that Steemit is making in roads there. I plan on promoting Steemit on my YouTube channel as well, which is growing quite nicely thus far (500-600 subs a month). Following you now so I can keep abreast of what's happening in India.

This is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing some of your work in the future. We have a thriving community on #India on Steemit.Chat. Log on sometime and you can network with more people from around here! :)

OK sure. I just joined so still getting my feet wet on how this all works. In terms of getting up to speed, other than reading the FAQs on the sidebar, are there any other posts/people you'd recommend I look into, in terms of best practices (like should I just be up voting everything I like, or is that bad, etc?)

Basically I'm a noob so any direction would be appreciated. Also I take it there a lots of bots on here too? I got some replies but I don't know who/what to trust. Any help appreciated, thanks!

I generally follow @liberosist @donkeypong @timcliff, @kevinwong @ats-david @acidyo @kyriacos @heiditravels @surfermarly and many others as their content appeals to me.

It's fine to upvote content you like, especially those of new users like yourself. As your Steempower grows you can vote using slightly lower percentages to maintain a healthy VP of over 80%

You can check or to check the same as well as other data related to your a/c.

I'd be happy to answer any other queries if you have! It's great to have you on the platform @parveen! :)

This is great, thank you I really appreciate it ❤️

Excellent "News" @firepower. :)

Thank you

Great going and this is indeed awesome news.
We can all take inspiration from this. The fact that Steemit could open so many avenues for people in our country if only they have a little faith needs to be spread. People need to join this one of a kind community.

Thank you so much. Looking forward to some more great action in the coming days.

Great stuff there man, looks really good on paper too hahah well done

edit: woops, for some reason i thought they're on paper. I guess news websites have replaced newspapers they even look like it :P

Thanks dude! Actually the first two are paper + digital. Rest 3 are digital only. I'll update the post to make it clearer.

Those are some nice figures.

We will surely see a large influx of Indian users here soon!

Thank you @firepower for your efforts to popularise steemit in India.


Thank you so much. Happy to help. Looking forward to some more great action out here.

Congratulations, that's incredible coverage for your first event!

Thank you so much! Many more to come! :)

This Is so amamzing man! It is nice to see india going forth and supporting such platforms. I remember there was a time when people there thought every online thing is either a hokum or a whim. I am so happy to be a part of steemit.

Thank you. Glad to help and take it to the next level.

wow @firepower that's an awesome amount of work. laser focus, props for you're time and effort. we need to consider making you king of audience development india i think. is it not time for badges a bit like the blue twitter flash to be added to profiles when a steemian achieves something awesome like this? i think so!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words. Looking forward to it. Cheers! :)

effort is not celebrated enough in society especially when it's such an activator.

Wow , you are doing a great job and I wish you more success. You will always have my support via upvote. More success to you and your team.

Thank you so much! Cheers!

Good effort for collecting all the news

Thank you! Looking forward for more. Cheers!

Hey, You are doing a great job, Hoping some advice from you. Keep sharing knowledgeable facts about steemit . Following you . I also got to know about this just a month ago , and i am loving this more than Insta, Fb and twitter

Thank you so much. Good to have you on board. There are a lot of Indians on this platform, you can join the #India chatroom on and socialize with our awesome community!

@thejohalfiles this is how I'm supporting the community. :)

So nice that you're supporting the community for Indian markets,
I wish I could one day do the same for Nepal :)

Now I know why your name is firepower, it's because you are spreading Steemit like wildfire! Thanks for making the whole community better!

Thank you so much! I guess yeah, that's true! BooooYeaahhh!!!!

Awsome ,this is growing so far.Will do my part further down south :)

Thank you! Looking forward to see that. Cheers!

I just read this and I must say you doing a great job to spreading it to all over India. Followed and upvoted.

Thank you so much! Cheers!

I respect your efforts and truly wish that the Steemit community becomes prominent in India. Many Indians are completely unaware of the potential opportunities this platform has. Hope you keep going and find even greater success in the future. Best of luck!

Thank you so much! This will definitely be the next thing in India. Cheers!

It's really great to see we Indians come with such idea to popularize Steemit, which can be a boon for many bloggers here in India. Great Initiative. Jai Hind.

Thank you so much. Good to have another Indian on the platform. Do check out the #India channel on and get to know more users :)

this is awesome

Thats Great

Thank you!

It's incredible, the amount of hard work that you guys are putting in to make Steem famous in India is unbelievable.
And steem has a great community that is inspiring people to share their stories and their passions and also get paid.
I am following you, and I would love if you can somehow inform me about the next steem event that you are planning to hold in Bangalore. I will try to attend it.

Thank you.

Hello, good to have you on board. There are a lot of Indians on this platform, you can join the #India chatroom on and socialize with our awesome community! You will get more details on the upcoming Bangalore event over there! Stay Tuned.

Seeing and reading a post like this inspires me to become a better and more effective blogger..Congratulations on your efforts on steemit.

Thank you! Happy to know this. Cheers

Interesting it seems like you were very proud of the publication! Congrats new steemers

Thank you! I am really proud of it.

Great news for Steemit!

Thank you. Great news indeed :)

SUCH excelent news.
Things are going the right way...steeming ahead.


Thank you! Steeming ahead indeed! Comment Upvoted! Cheers

Will be on the lookout for your next post!!

Well done! Great to see such a fantastic traction. There's only one way to go from here - up :)

Thank you so much!

Thanks for letting us know what's going on over there. Cheers!

Thank you! Do keep following for more action! Cheers

Well done @firepower

Thank you very much! :)

That is so cool! Kudos!

Thank you! Cheers!

Fantastic news @firepower... Your next meetup in Bangalore will definitely make waves throughout India :) Cheers

Thank you @bikergirl . Definitely looking forward to Bangalore. Cheers!

I see that India is becoming one of the most computerized countries! :)

Yes, definitely!

This is amazing!

Thank you

Great work! Keep it up :)

Thank you! :) Cheers

Its really great news...and no doubt that the steemit community grows day by day.... And very soon it will be the leading social media Platform of the world....


Thank you! Yes, it will for sure. Looking for some more action on Steemit! Cheers

Dude, that's awesome! I've never really been into blogging, but Steems really made it motivating. This will eventually take over FB, Twitter and Instagram. I have no doubt about that.

Thank you so much! It will surely be the next big thing! Cheers!

congrats on getting so much press coverage - i am so delighted that we will have thousands of new users as a result - i haven't seen a whale in 2 weeks here, but i guess they have seen me.

Thank you! That's fantastic I am happy for you. Cheers!

Magnificent move @firepower , it will change the blogging game in India.

I am not very good at this , but i suggest you tap into the indian blogging market as well , for example highly established blog's like shoutmeloud , scoopwhoop india etc.

Also I Would love to contribute from my side.

Waiting to hear from you

Great! Welcome to Steemit! You could hop on to #India on Steemit.Chat and interact with the Indian community there.

Din't knew that , thanks man , you are the plug ! :-)

I'm from India and it is great that you are spreading the good news about steemit. There are lot of people hooked to Fb in India all day without getting anything back from their posts and now steemit is happening which will provide nice rewards to quality content posters.

Thank you! Yes, Steemit is gonna go way ahead than facebook.

Good article and it is great inspiration for me... Thanks...

Thank you. Glad it helped ;)

Congratulations, wishing you all the best....

Thank you mom!

Nice...good team...nice team

Thank you!

thanks for sharing information @firepower i always follow your post

Thank you so much!

ccongraatz brother , to you and your awesome TEAM

Thank you so much brother! Cheers!

Very nice initiative with great PR! The Bangalore Mirror is pretty huge indeed, can you know how many people are singing up thanks to these operations?

Thanks! Many people are signing up, Its hard to keep track but its fairly substantial.

Gr8. I am just joined today and read your story. Already following you.Please follow me also.

Thank you! Hey there, welcome to the community. Where are you from? Do checkout the #India channel on and join more Indians from Steemit.

You are one of the best content creators on this site I commend you for standing up to evident you put hours of effort into your work.

Excellent job!

Thank you so much for the kind words! Looking forward for some more good action!

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