The Success Of Steemit Depends On You!

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Its been a little slow here the last few weeks. Steem price is low. Lower than it should be. I took the opportunity to buy some to add to my SP.

We all want STEEM to rain from the sky!

But heres the deal.

Steemit IS what you make of it. Both on an individual level and the platform as a whole.

Allow me to elaborate.

My earnings are down this week. Why? Because I slacked off! Now, granted I was busy with my real job. But I usually post at night or in the morning. Not during business hours.

I was just not inspired to write. Which is ok. I try not to force it. But Steemit will not reward you for sitting on your ass.

You have to put in the work!

  • Engagement Engagement Engagement.
    • Comment on posts. Engage in the community. Be active.
  • Write Everyday.
    • Put in the time to hone your craft and get your message across.
  • Curate.
    • Get active and upvote content you think is worthy.

Grow the Steemit Community

Think of it as a self fulfilling prophesy.

  • By improving your account you add value to your (and everyone else's) STEEM!
    • By engaging you make the platform more valuable.
  • You make the platform attractive to new users.
    • We need new blood to grow.
  • Your Curation acts as a filter for spammers and junk.

So lets go to work.

Lets make STEEM valuable!
Lets get this platform where is should be!
Lets get friends and family involved.


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RIP Bernie Mac


Perfect comment @harleymechanix
We can't all be on top of our game but regular sharing and joining this community in more ways is what builds it. Cheers 👏😊

Thanks man. Just mixing it up and interacting is what is gonna make or break this journey called Steemit.

Good thoughts. I was getting down with so little interest in my posts. Will try harder to put what I think is likable stuff.

Dont worry about it....I make like 20-30 cents on most of my posts. Remember, steemit is in beta with only 400K people total (20K-50K active). There are few people around. It is a hodgepodge format at the moment which makes it tough to find people to interact with. Communities will change this when they are implemented.

Regardless, my point is to keep posting and putting up content. You will gain more as the platform itself grows.

Also, I think in terms of 10...I wrote a post about it if you want to click over to my blog to check it out. Since I believe that STEEM will go up 10 fold in a year, I look at a 20 cent payoff as $2.00.....that is much more motivating. Now see how motivated you are if STEEM hits $50-$100....

Thanks for the reply @taskmaster. I see the potential to be enormous when it catches on. But I was just feeling a little low with the disinterest of late. I saw that there are only 25,000 regular posters out of 400,000. It is in it's infancy. I will try to be more patient. Will check you out, tks again.

To borrow a entirely overused cliche'....... Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Damn, I should have used that in my title.

But you get it. Use it like its worth $10 a STEEM. Visualization like @taskmaster4450 said is a great idea. Imma start doing that.

Sounds good. The subway use to be 5 cents now it's something like $2.75

There...I just gave your post a 4 cent upvote...imagine when it comes into your account in a week and steem is $10...that is 40 cents (I know curation means it doesnt work that way) but you get my point. How many upvotes like that do you need before you are talking some real money?

As for the ratio, that is 1/8. How many accounts do you think Facebook has. Hell I think I have three and I never go on there.

I urge you to make the active user count 25.001...

4 posts a day, 25 comments and 25 upvotes from you will go a long way to helping steemit out. :)

Most of my posts make a few dollars. Let me encourage you. Don't worry about what makes money. Concentrate on doing what you are good at. JUST DO YOU! My posts are schizophrenic at best. You never know what is gonna go big.

Thanks @harleymechanix. I can only post stuff that appeals to me and hopefully to others.

Is that you in the picture? You look like Todd Hoffman, from the Gold Rush show 🙂

Awwww dude! I can't sing near as good as him! Plus I swear a lot.

He swears a little beeeeeeeeeep.

Todd says "Frickin" all the time. Drives me nuts! I do like that show though.......

Something about putting it all on the line to try and make a name for yourself. They fail. They keep going. They fail again. They keep going again. As a small business guy myself I respect that.

Yes it's a frickin' good show. Mining is tough and dangerous. I admire their determination.

an inspiring post @harleymechanix, good food for thought and a great call to action - and - you have more comments and comments on the comments than any post I've seen so far. yep, Steem On !!!

Hey, thanks for joining the conversation! This. This right here is what its all about.

That was a badass post. Would have raised a lot of eyebrows. Couldn't be more apt than this !

Followed you, pl. follow back. Keep Rocking ! Keep Steeming !

Thanks man for the comments and upvote.

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Agree 100% with this post. Some days you got it and feel inspired but others you don't. Appreciate the post.

Yup. Don't force it. But if you put in the work, your writing will get better too.

I totally agree. I am newish here but i am trying to do as much as possible.
I had a crazy idea and i am very new to cryptos but what would happen if we all decided on a future day and time to buy steem, we could set buy orders on an agreed price for example. Wouldn't that send the price up? Or would it just drop again the next day. As i say i,m new so i was just curious. Thanks

Yeah it needs to be a natural price curve. You could try to manipulate it but it would go up short term and then correct back down. We just need overall more people to see the value in the platform.

Thanks for the comments and upvote!

I was never into social media but as soon as I checked out steemit I was hooked. I think it will spread like wild fire and so many here are proactive in preaching the word. Thanks

Remember Steemit is still in beta. It will one day achieve mass adoption. HODL!

Yes it will be deserved

Gave you a follow and upvoted one of your posts homie!

Sensational message @harleymechanix.

I think you and I feel in the same rut together. Like you, I pulled back some since I wasnt entirely motivated to write (plus the slowness and the lost posts from the attacks really put me off).

It is an interesting prospect we find ourselves in: the value of our accounts grows as the entire system grows which comes from each of us putting in the effort to create content and upvote which also enriches everyone else.

Take that over the philosophy people and see what they can make of it.

Wow what a great comment. Remember we are beta testers and ground floor adopters. Better things will come.

As a futurist, how do you see blockchain integrating with the coming trans-humanist singularity? My consciousness will be uploaded as an ethereum token someday! lol

Imma give you a follow too, because science and shit.


You could have two personal cryptocurrencies for you and one for your consciousness.

Two for one deal...

Breaking News.......the HarleyMechanix ERC20 token has forked and now will be known as HarleyMechanix and HarleyMechanix Classic. Please mine accordingly.

Be careful...I hear the Chinese miners dont like the present system so they are going to form HarleyMechanixGold.

Nice! I like the Reservoir Dogs GIF at the end hahah

I wanted one that said, "Lets go to work." But couldn't find it.