1 hour ago, the Millionth account on Steemit was created!

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We've hit the mark, and here's the proof so you don't have to go digging yourself. The steem account on steemd.com is currently flooded with delegations to accounts in what seems to be alphabetical order, to new users. This is an amazing feat for the Steemit community and I'm so glad to be apart of this movement. The great aspects of Steemit are endless, and I think that having a million users here proves that.

This flood made it extremely difficult to find any of the new user accounts being created, but after some searching I came across the 1,000,002th account created, belonging to @vaku...

Screenshot-2018-5-16 vaku Steem.png

Welcome the 1,000,003th user to Steemit ~ @houdio
Screenshot-2018-5-16 houdio Steem.jpg

I've been keeping tabs on this all day - actually for a few days, but I'd been keeping a close eye on it ever since this morning when I noticed just how close we were to hitting that mark. When I'd checked just a few hours prior, the number of users was sitting just below a million, at a cool 999,796.

According to @penguinpablo, we were averaging at least 1,000 new accounts a day between the 13 and 15th of this month. On the 9th and 10th of the month, for example, that number was much higher - hitting over 11,000 accounts created one of those days. He posted a handy link showing how many accounts have been created to date. At this time of this post, the number is sitting at 1000102. @penguinpablo's Daily Steem Stat Reports are an amazing addition to the site. If you haven't already seen his posts I would recommend checking them out.

The millionth account has been discovered! He isn't wasting time either, as his VP is already down to 87% as you can see here...
Screenshot-2018-5-16 xmlvnx Steem.png
I've said before and I'll say it again - since I've been here I've met so many great creators. This space has allowed me to share my creations with others and I've been immersed into a community I never even knew existed. Let us keep moving in the direction of our dreams. It is only up from here, friends. May everyone who is established on the platform set a good example for the new Steemians as we move forward. Cheers to a million!


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one million! that's what's up! it was not long ago that there were just 500,000 people on steemit. Let's see if we can double it by this time next year.

That’s a big milestone. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to 2 million.

My guess is not nearly as long as it took to get to 1 million :-)
Thanks for commenting.

Amazing to see and the good things coming out of here is fantastic. I really think its the future and the beginning of something remarkable 💯🐒

Bom ver que a comunidade steemit está evoluindo...