Daily Up Vote Per Caster Now Limited To 1 Per Day! [Updates]

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In order to ensure the most fair allocation of votes each member of ShadowBot is now limited to getting 1 Up Vote from each member in any given 24 hour period! This we believe will allow more people to get up votes with lower Shadow Ranks while still ensuring those who work(ed) hard to earn their reputation and Shadow Rank still get rewarded for it!

This update we hope will support more of our minnow members while fairly supporting all members equally!

Thanks to all for being part of this project, we greatly appreciate it everyone involved!

More information and joining

Latest Release: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shadowbot/welcome-to-shadowbot-version-1-1-erebus-official-public-launch

FAQ: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php

Signup: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/signup.php

Happy Steeming!


Congratulations @shadowbot, this post is the eighth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Newbie account holder (accounts that hold between 0.01 and 0.1 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by newbie account holders during this period was 1765 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $1155.36. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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The goal I hope is to make the newer lower ranks rise up so our votes count for more as well.I am seeing growth since I started and appreciate the programing and all the time and maintenance that has gone into shadowbot thank you for your time m8.

Our goal is to ensure over time lots of good posts especially ones from newer/smaller members get a boost while fairly spreading the love to all in the pool! Glad to have you on board, please let us know any feedback you have!

Currently 182 of our member have under 100 SP. By simply helping them double (average increase of 50 SP) puts an increase of approx. 9100 SP for the pool's total! Each day as we all earn more SP our powers grow, and each day more members join!

Every SP a Shadow Caster earns that they keep powered up directly helps boost the pool! This system is designed to take minnows and get them earning and exposure on steemit!

Thankyou for making this program and helping the little guys.It gets frustrating at times but I am sure if we can keep steeming on eventually we all will grow and be able to contribute more.

Our last 2 updates really did a lot to ensure every member, especially the smallest get a boost without paying for it like most services require! Thanks for the input and being part of this!

Also if you or anyone you know here does graphics/design be sure to enter our contest to design our mascot and logo! 50 SBD prize! https://steemit.com/steemit/@shadowbot/daily-up-vote-per-caster-now-limited-to-1-per-day-updates

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Sep 25. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $80.56 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

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Hii, Greetings, I am Newbe here. I just wana ask? Whether previously Upvote in steemit is unlimited, or what is meant by this post is a different program, please explain it

We are a pool of steemians. We operate together like mining pools!

I'm just curious, is there a way to increase my voting efficiency percentage? It seems to have declined over the past few days. Is the best strategy to simply let shadowbot do all the upvoting? Or should I be casting additional votes on my own?

On steemit your maximum voting capacity is 20% every 24 hours. HOWEVER, it trickles back every block (approx every 3 seconds), so using this we feature we can actually get SLIGHTLY above 20% per 24 hours when operating at above 100% target efficiency.

When you up vote manually below 98% Voting Power, ShadowBot will wait until it hits 100% again OR 5 hours has past since the last time ShadowBot voted for your account, at which point it consumes ~2% Voting Power.

If you vote more often you will see your voting efficiency in ShadowBot go down since it is voting less for you, and if you vote to often while using ShadowBot your Voting Power will never have a chance to recharge and eventually will hit 0 (though we disable your account once VP falls below 5%)!

some time ago you introduced new rule for ppl that have less then 500SP. It was a great deal because it help to earn curation reward. But on ShadowBot Dashboard it count's it wrong. Every time I vote it takes 2% of my voting power but it add only that smaller amount. It could be hard to understand but I will give you some pic.
Bez tytułu.jpg
Hope it will make it easier to understand.

Thanks for pointing this out, while the back end does operate properly, there is currently a bug for users under 500 SP on the dashboard! We are rolling out a fix this weekend that will adjust the output! Thanks for bringing this up to us!
Again, the back end logic IS functioning as intended and this is simply a display issue for users under 500 SP! ShadowBot has been correctly allocating votes on the back end!

thanks for replay. and if back end run ok itf fine. I just didn't want to loose my hard earned Shadow Rank.

Thank you @shadowbot I love your project !

Good day !

Glad to have you on board! Thanks for being part of this project!

A Good feature will be to have the option how much voting power to give each day.
Right now im drained too fast.

I will pass this up to our team and see how we can work something in that allows a little more wiggle room for self voting each day. Thanks for being part of this and bringing this up!

Our new system basically is moving toward a split system. Many members choose to allow ShadowBot to just manage all their votes, while others want to still manually up vote. We are looking to add a feature which will allow your account to adapt to each and allocate up votes to your posts based on how much VP you contribute each week. The more you up vote manually, the less ShadowBot will consume, but the less Shadow Caster's in the pool will reach your posts. We believe our current system works pretty close to where we need to be to make everything fair. Thanks for pointing this out we appreciate the input!

This is great, idea is to support other users as well not only in the pool.

I need some help. I canceled my account 2 days ago but shadowbot is still voting for me. How can we take care of this

I looked at the system I do not see any votes in the past 3 days in our logs from ShadowBot. Can you point us to which post(s) are being up voted so we can track this down for you.

When will the rewards we've got from ShadowBot show up in our wallet.

As posts expire the curation and author rewards are paid out by the blockchain at which point ShadowBot will automatically claim them for you! Posts take 7 days from the day they are published to expire and all comments expire when the post expires.

My understanding is if ShadowBot says I got 0.00270661 SBD my STEEM DOLLARS in my wallet should increase by at least 0.002 after the post expires. Is that correct.

We calculate the SBD Value of your post based on the Vests expected to be paid out. If you choose 50/50 reward, 50% (~0.001) of your reward would go into your Steem Power while the other 50% would go directly into your SBD wallet when the post expires. If you choose 100% power up then all earnings go into Steem Power.

Bear with me, I may be a little mixed up on how ShadowBot works.
If ShadowBot says I got 0.00270661 SBD for a shadow vote would my STEEM DOLLARS in my wallet increase by at least 0.002 after the post expires or is the 0.00270661 SBD what the post got from me.

Thinking more about this my guess is that most of the shadow votes take place in the first half hour. if I understand correctly all rewards done in the first half hour from voting would go to the author.

Good info
Follow and upvote me @fararizky

am i registered as your member?

I don't see you signed up currently

@shadowbot Help! Registered, but can't log in, receiving "Invalid username or private key" message

I see your account, did you use the wrong keys? Re sign up I'll re-link everything! Make sure to put your private and public keys in the proper boxes on the registration page!

Ok, Thanks, logged

Perfect everything should be re-synced to your account!

i like your post

Dear Shadowbot!
I accidentally clicked on a viral post that spams an article in users name and steals their posting key.
It's title is:
Why you Should Sell All your Bitcoin Today and Before 2018

NO ONE SHOULD click on it!

Unfortunately I did and now it posted this viral post in my name three times. I cannot stop it. I would like to change my posting key, but how can I do it without losing my Shadowbot account?
Another issue is that @cheetah put me on his blacklist, because someone posted these viral posts in my name.
Now I can see in the "New posts" section on Steemit that others are also fooled by this viral post.

What can I do? Please help!!!!!!

First contact cheetah and get them to remove you! Second we will suspend your account and get you a way to re-activate once your keys are changed. Please change your keys ASAP!

I have changed my keys immediately and yesterday I contacted Cheetah, and they immediately removed me from the blacklist.

I did my best to remove the three viral spam posts from my blog but all I could do with them to clear the content and change the title. Unfortunately it does not let me to change the first tags to spam in order to remove them.

Please help me to re-activate! Many thanks in advance.

Okay go and re-sign up I will link your old account to your new account!

Wow, thanks a lot! Resigned I am back into the community...
It was a nightmare...

Glad that fixed everything!

Thanks again! I really appreciate the immediate assistance you gave me.
Everything is back on my shadow account, I am really very grateful.
Is there a chance to get back my original 10% shadow rank somehow?