Random Witness Introduction: @SirCork - A Man With A Vision

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"Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible.
If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible."

(Shiv Khera)

Our Witnesses determine the Future of Steemit!

According to @Lukestokes latest Report there are still more than 79% of us not voting for any Steemit Witness. Unfortunately it this number isn´t a typo of mine but nothing else than the sad truth.

Therefore I want to introduce you to @SirCork today, who just recently became a Steemit Witness and at least in my opinion deserves to receive our votes. I had the pleasure to interview him personally just yesterday, so that you may be assured that everything you´ll read from here on is up to date and nothing else but the truth about our current Witness Nr. 102.

@SirCork & How he became a Steem Witness

He´s the owner of a software company but lives off-grid somewhere in the mountains. What might sound strange to some in the beginning makes perfect sense as soon as you know that he planned to retire early after he successfully took a company public in Florida about 5 years ago.

Sounds good right, but it seems like he´s just not meant to retire yet as he eventually started to work on a social networking mobile app for some years before he founded his own company with an old friend of his.

So despite him being covered with work for weeks, he got himself as well heavily engaged into the Steemit Community and some Projects based on it. He does so, because he wants to change something, because he got a vision (to be read about further below).

Whenever you get in touch with @SirCork you´ll get to know him as an honest, hard working and dedicated individual. Those characteristics are eventualle further reasons why he took the decision to become a Steemit Witness as he wants to show his honest and full commitment to the Steem eco-system, which represents everything he ever dreamed of in regards to the Internet, Currencies and Freedom.

The MSP Waves Radio

I guess almost everyone heard or read about the MSP Waves Radio already on Steemit. So guess who´s running this great initiative, right it´s our fellow Steemian @SirCork. Based on the idea of @aggroed, who turns out to play DJ for a hobby, he started to build up what´s today a real radio station, live on air 24/7 the whole year.

The best of it, you won´t just hear some music playing, no there are already more than 20 talented show hosts & hostesses running 18 two hour live shows with a full audience participation via Discord Chat during the live shows.

It´s impressive to hear that he build up a fully operating radio station for us with the help of some other dedicated Steemians in just a few weeks. I guess his experiences out of the 80´s as a commercial FM Radio Broadcaster and Owner of a mobile disc jockey company might have done their part as well to enable him setting up this great Platform within the Platform.

The Vision of @SirCork

Sure, everyone got a Vision or Plan for his own life. But the one from @SirCork is a special one, maybe as well due to the reason that he already achieved everything else in his life. He ran some successfull businesses, raised his daughter and is just about to sell his latest software company together with his business partner.

Due to all this he now got the freedom, freetime and ressources to pick and choose whatever he wants to do with his time. But instead of dreaming about using all that time for himself he wants to dedicate his life to change the world one person at a time via the Steem Blockchain and its Community.

At this Point I´d like to share the Inspiring words he shared with me on his Vision:

"I´ve been down on my luck in the past. Individuals saved my life, metaphorically speaking, more than once. It's time to pay all that back. And I will be in the unique position of doing so. And so I must. It's the next right thing to do with my life."

A Fun Fact about @SirCork

Everyone who kept on reading until this Point shall now be rewarded with a fun fact about our friend @SirCork and how he actually got to his Username. But as I just cant express it any better than him and to prove that it´s really true, I just want to include the Screenshot from our Inverview :)

Vote for your Witnesses NOW!

Steemians, like @SirCork keep the Steemit Blockchain running and enrich our Community through their actions. Without their engagement and efforts, there would be nothing left of this social Network. That´s why it´s so important for all of us to use our witness-votes to assure a bright future for Steemit.

In case you didn´t vote for your Witnesses yet or want to update your current votes,
you may share your love via the link below:


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Thanks for the opportunity to speak with you! It was a lot of fun getting to know you as well! I look forward to those discussions about how our initiatives can work together for great change through a continuous series of tiny ones. I am humbled and flattered by your interest and if I can ever be of service, say the word!


You are more than welcome :) It was a pleasure to talk with you and I'm definitely curious on all the things still to come. May it be for MSP-Waves or any other Project you got up in your sleeves ;)

Ha! So am I! I really never know what is going to happen next around here! :D

Congratulations @SirCork, I will be happy to vote for you. Hopefully your existence as a witness, will make steemit stronger. Thank you for this information @steembusiness, I think we should give respectful greetings to this great man.

I will give you all I've got, with all of my time, and all of my heart! Thank you!

You're highlighting a great guy and one of my current 5 witness votes. I love the witness spotlights because, being new here, it's hard to cast your vote for people you believe in when you first arrive. It great to hear a little about each person you guys spotlight. Thanks for your service.

Wow. One of 5? Thank you! I'm humbled to read this.

hey @sixerfeds,
sorry for my late reply on your comment. I'm happy that you liked my Post. You may stay tuned for others to follow ;)

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Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

Great. Thanks for sharing! :)

Welcome to real a steemit witness @sircork. Could be a arthour of change and work together is amazing. thank you

Thank you!

I fully agree with you on this quote "Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible.
If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible." @steembusiness just like you rightly mentioned @lukestokes reported that 79% of steemiate withholds there voting power and enables only 21% to vote, of course we all have an idea of the result. As a beginner I have up to 43 followers who hardly vote any of my article and this is highly discouraging. I guess we need to reorient our self's knowledge and believe as regards to what steemit is all about. Thanks.

I think you are mixing two things up a little. Witness votes are not usual upvotes but as you already mentioned @lukestokes I recommend you to stopy by on his blog as he got a real good Post on it, explaining all the details ;)

Very wonderful @steembusiness ..Blessings

I just went and voted for sircork as a witness, he's now on my list

Amber! Just now? :) Thank you! <3

Yes, I went to check to see if your name was on my list, and it wasn't, so I put it on there. Gotta support the people who support the MSP! :-)

MSPeazy Lemon Squeezy!

Thank you!

@sircork you got my vote!

Thanks so much! You got my dedication and gratitude!

Great info in this post, I really need to pay attention to Witness goings on, and also get on msp waves! thanks,

http://mspwaves.com We can't wait to see you there!

Well, nameless child, baby, boy... the Third @sircorky.. Too funny. I wasn't born bold, only ugly and short... Oh well... Life's tough.

Anyway - Corky has my full confidence, as the head of MSP Waves and as a Witness. A responsible person who is worth following!

Jawohl, @steembusiness... Wonderful article...

Everyone, make sure to tune into MSPWaves Radio We have an amazing choice of shows. And if you have a message you like to convey, why not have a chat with Corky and get you on the air. There is a great support team at MSPWaves to make sure to help you setting up and sounding good.

thanks a lot @globocop, it's always good to know that a Post gets real appreciation :)

This one surely does! Followed and looking forward to many more...

You Sir, are living my dream. So I will vote you out of envy.