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RE: Payouts will resume from today! (All services are 100% operational now along with a new added FEATURE FOR DELEGATORS)

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Hi, I sent a bid earlier for the post I have linked below, but the bid seems to be for an incorrect amount. I sent 40 STEEM and the bid was for about $26 on the Steemit interface. That seems a lot lower than it should be but it didn't even register in the bid bot round on Steembottracker, so I'm wondering if there was a mistake?

Could you let me know if there was a mistake on your end? Thanks in advance and love the service!


That's because steembottracker took some time to register the bid. Meanwhile many more bids came in. In any case, we have refunded your 15 STEEM just so that you do not make a loss. Thanks.

Ahh I see. Thanks for the quick response and refund, I appreciate the fantastic support!! Keep it up :)