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RE: I Would Like to Introduce My New Token - WHALECOIN

in #steemit3 years ago

Happiness and success greetings, nice day.

1.- In the post of the new currency, I would like to earn what it says.
2.- Start in May 2018 and in some opportunities I have sent invitations to join in Whaleshare.
3.- With the guide that I saw yesterday when they had 2 hours of published, I understood a little more about Whaleshare.
4.- I will inform more friends.
5.- Account in openledger unisat71

Thank you.


I know that this project will be a success and I would like to be part of this initiative. I have already invited my friends to know about this project. My user bts unisat71

Thanks for your efforts, keep spreading the word! I will be sending you 50 Whalecoins.