Started Playing SteemCITY..

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Hello fellow Steemians...

I hope that you are all doing fine, I'm doing very well..!!..

Just started playing #steemcity about a week ago...A card game on the steem blockchain, built on NFT's...

You build your city based on cards, the cards are your city, and you have to fill your city with houses, jobs and workers, and try to keep everyone happy....Very addictive..!!..

A screenshot of my city...

You have to pay a small amount to participate in this game, buying cards (NFT's), but consider these purchases as investments, because you will earn interest (be rewarded) with SIM (token used in the game), and Steem..
SIM token is being traded on #steem-engine, so you are actually able to make money playing this game...

Still at the point where I'm trying to figure out the game, the best strategy, and invest my money in the best possible way...But I'm learning every day.

If you have some valuable tips and ideas you want to share with me, please leave a reply...Thanks in advance!

I can only recommend that you take a look at this game...

That's it from me today...See ya..!!..

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